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Cheap Floor Sanding Services?

  • Cheap Floor Sanding Services?


Date : August 23, 2016

Cheap Floor Sanding Services?

You just bought your home. You plan to repaint the whole house and sand your floors. The budget is limited but you have high expectations. You will ask for 3 quotations and you will go with the cheapest estimate regardless of the contractors experience or references. It is only wood, right? Well, no. Your floors are not just some wood that can be repaired in case the floor sanding company that you have just hired will make a mess of it. A great floor sander will rotate at very high speeds. If the contractor is inexperienced or is distracted for 5 seconds it could easily build up a big hole in the middle of you room. If your floor sanding technician has no experience they could use cheap varnishes that will last only a few months. By not using the latest technology, they will create so much dust that you will need months to get rid of it. A good floor sanding company will assess your floors. They will only use dustless floor sanding machines and they will finish your floors with top of the range varnishes that will last at least 5 years. The period of drying time between coats should be respected to get the maximum performance from the varnish. A good floor sanding company will advise you how to maintain your floors after the job is done. Cheap Floor Sanding Services?

How cheap is too cheap? Depending on the finish required a floor sanding company will charge anything between 10 to 30 per square meter. Hardwood floors that will require heavy duty work + staining + high traffic varnish will end up costing much more than a light pine wood floor sanding and clear varnish. Parquet floors are usually very tough to deal with and only the best floor sanding contractors will tackle these jobs. There are jobs where you can save money and you can help out but floor sanding is not one of those. It is highly recommended that you pay top dollar to make sure you get top results. If you mind your floors you shouldn’t need floor sanding more than once every 5 years. A fair price for floor sanding services is about 20 per square meter for standard semi solid or solid floors + extra for staining or special finishes. Pay less now and you will pay more later. Many people seem to think that floor sanding is something very easy and repair work after a botched diy job is good business for floor sanding companies. You should not attempt to do it yourself. A floor sanding contractor knows how to change the grit of the sand paper in order to get the best results. Using the wrong sand paper could take off more than needed from your floors and create uneven surfaces. After applying the first coat of varnish another light sanding is required just to avoid having spikes all over your floors. A hire centre will not give too much advice and they will be happy to hire you anything you need. Power tools get great results but can also do serious damage in the wrong, untrained hands. Pay the fair price for floor sanding and avoid future problems. Life is easy if you make it easy. Cheap Floor Sanding Services?

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Cheap Floor Sanding Services?


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