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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Tallaght

  • Carpet Cleaning Tallaght


Date : April 15, 2017

Carpet Cleaning Tallaght

Are you ready to have your carpets washed with one of the most powerful carpet cleaning machines in the world? Are you ready to be impressed and become one of our regular carpet cleaning customers? Are you ready to receive top of the range carpet cleaning services at affordable rates? Ok, just go to and book online. We will be with you within 24 hours and we will impress you. Carpet Cleaning Tallaght

We are a well experienced carpet cleaning company that provides domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services in Tallaght and the surrounding area. Our cleaning cleaning services are unrivalled and our references are outstanding. If you visit the latest projects page on our website you will be able to see the size of the customers we take on and the type of services we provide. Carpet Cleaning Tallaght

Carpet Cleaning Tallaght domestic carpet cleaning

A good bit of our carpet cleaning business comes from the domestic market. Even during the recession domestic carpet cleaning has kept us busy. Many domestic customers are contacting us to find out how often should they wash their carpets. There is not a specific period between cleans, if it is dirty you need to clean it. Even if the carpet doesn’t get that dirty but there a lot of traffic on it, we would recommend that have it cleaned at least once per year. Carpeted floors are great floors, warm and beautiful , but it can also be a great home to many bacteria and infections. If you have pets or small kids you need to wash your carpets each year. Here is a list of prices:

1 bedroom carpet 30 1 living room carpet 45 Stairs & landing 45

Our prices are not very expensive and the service you will receive is second to none.

Carpet Cleaning Tallaght commercial carpet cleaning

We charge per square meter and we will have your carpet spotless. Our carpet cleaning machines can clean up to 10,000 square meters of carpet. Dublin Carpet Cleaning can contract any size carpet cleaning job. Our company is open for business out of normal office hours and the big commercial carpet cleaning jobs are usually done after hours or over the weekends. For more information please contact us. Carpet Cleaning Tallaght

Carpet Cleaning Tallaght our carpet cleaning system

High water lift technology. Over the years we have tried all types of carpet cleaning and we have picked the hot water extraction system with high water lift technology as it is the best system – tried, tested and highly recommend for its stain removal power. It provides a deeper clean and it removes much more dirt than other types of carpet cleaning systems. This type of carpet cleaning is also much more affordable to most people than the dry carpet cleaning system.

The hot water and the carpet cleaning shampoo penetrate deep inside your carpet fibres and it breaks all the dirt into very small particles. Very powerful twin motor extractors absorb the moisture and dirt. The carpet looks spotless and soft. Carpet Cleaning Tallaght

Carpet Cleaning Tallaght our carpet cleaning machines

Airflex Storm Carpet Cleaner the best carpet cleaning machines in the world. No other carpet cleaning machines get even close to the results this machine provides. 800 psi and hot steam will break any type of dirt. Big commercial carpet cleaning jobs? We can complete it in no time. If you need more information about our carpet cleaning equipment please email us today. Carpet Cleaning Tallaght

Carpet Cleaning Tallaght insurance

Dublin Carpet Cleaning is fully insured for damages of up to 6.5 million. We are a professional carpet cleaning company and we wouldn’t come to your home without insurance. For the commercial carpet cleaning market we can provide safety statement and risk assessment. If you need a copy of our insurance policy please contact our sales team.

Call us or email us today and let us take care of your job. We are only one call away. You can call us for free or you can book online. Carpet Cleaning Tallaght


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