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Carpet Cleaning Skerries

  • Carpet Cleaning Skerries


Date : August 6, 2016

Carpet Cleaning Skerries

Once or twice per year you will need to have your carpet professionally cleaned. There are so many companies out there providing carpet cleaning services. How would you know which one? Many carpet cleaning companies don’t even cover the Skerries area, many have very misleading pricing and many carpet cleaning companies do not offer domestic carpet cleaning services.

www.dublin-carpetcleaning Dublin Carpet Cleaning covers the whole Skerries area and our company provides commercial & domestic carpet cleaning services. We have a minimum order of 50 and 10 diesel & toll costs for Skerries. That is it. No more extra costs, no more conditions & no more complications. Carpet Cleaning Skerries

Carpet Cleaning Skerries 10 diesel & toll charge

Skerries and a few other areas are located right at the border of County Dublin. Getting there takes about 3 times more than getting to any other area in County Dublin, costs much more in fuel, there are M50 tolls and costs more in travel time. Any service company has some extra costs for areas far away from city centre. This should explain the extra costs. If you book 100 worth of carpet cleaning it will cost you 110 . If you book 500 worth of carpet cleaning it will cost 510 .

Carpet Cleaning Skerries our system

All carpet cleaning systems will remove dirt from your carpets. But how much dirt is removed, how fast and how long does it take for your carpets to dry, will make the difference between x & y carpet cleaning systems. Over the years, Dublin Carpet Cleaning has tried all types of carpet cleaning systems, wet & dry. We loved the hot water extraction system and this is what we use. This type of carpet cleaning will provide the deepest clean possible, it will remove dirt from right inside your carpet and it will sanitise your carpets in one go. Dirt particles that cannot be lifted up by the daily hoovering will be removed. Surface cleaning is good and makes your carpet look cleaner but the real dirt and all the bacteria are hiding right at the bottom of your carpet. Our carpet cleaning equipment will blast your carpet with high pressure steam and an anti bacterial carpet cleaning softener. The dirt will be relaxed by the heat of the steam, the carpet softener will break all the dirt and bacteria into small particles and two powerful extractors will extract all the moisture and dirt. Your carpets will look spotless, will feel softer and will be bacteria free. Dublin Carpet Cleaning is using some of the most powerful carpet cleaning machines ever invented. Airflex Storm Carpet Cleaner the Ferrari of the carpet cleaning industry. Carpet Cleaning Skerries

Carpet Cleaning Skerries our prices

Price is king. But there are also a few other factors that make up a good package deal. Dublin Carpet Cleaning will deep clean your carpets, will sanitise your carpets, will stain treat your carpets and will have your carpet dry within 1 hour. In over 10 years of business we have a rate of complaint close to 0. Our website is crystal clear, our prices are listed, our covered area is listed, you can book online, you can pay online and you can receive your invoice by email. Dublin Carpet Cleaning provides a key collection & key dropping service. Here is a list of our prices:

– 1 bedroom house or apartment 100

– 2 bedroom house or apartment 120

– 3 bedroom house or apartment – 140

– 4 bedroom house or apartment 160

– 5 bedroom house or apartment 200 + 10 diesel & fuel charge.

Dublin Carpet Cleaning is not an expensive carpet cleaning company. We provide a great balance between high quality services and affordable costs. Our technology and our highly qualified staff have enabled us to reduce costs and open the carpet cleaning market to a wider range of customers.

Carpet Cleaning Skerries our customers

If you go to you will see a latest projects page. Just click on the page and have a look at our customers list. We deal with hundreds of domestic and commercial customers each year. Dublin Carpet Cleaning works with a number of estate agents, management companies, landlords, tenants and private property owners in Skerries. If you meet our minimum order of 50 we are interested in your job. We don’t have a specific type of customer that we deal with. We are open 24/7 for carpet cleaning services (pre booking required for jobs over night).

Carpet Cleaning Skerries insurance

Dublin Carpet Cleaning is fully insured and highly recommended. If you require a copy of our insurance cert please contact us today. We are insured to undertake any size carpet cleaning job, commercial or domestic.

Carpet Cleaning Skerries is our shampoo safe?

Yes, we use Evans Extract Carpet Cleaner. This carpet cleaning shampoo is soft and presents 0 danger. If you require a data sheet for Evans Extract Carpet Cleaner please contact us. Carpet Cleaning Skerries

Call us or email us today. We are there for you 12 hours per day 6 days per week. If you are looking for carpet cleaning services before Christmas or Easter please book in good time. Thousands of people will be looking for carpet cleaning on those dates. We guarantee top of the range carpet cleaning services and the best rates. We are a professional carpet cleaning company and very customer orientated.


Carpet Cleaning Skerries

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