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  • Carpet Cleaning Sandyford
  • Carpet Cleaning Sandyford
  • Carpet Cleaning Sandyford
  • Carpet Cleaning Sandyford
  • Carpet Cleaning Sandyford


Type : Services
Date : December 31, 2020
Condition : New
Location : Ashleigh House, JFK RD, Dublin 12

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford


Neglecting to deep clean your carpets at least once per year can have grave consequences for you and your family. Such a basic job like deep cleaning your carpets is often put off and “more essential” projects like oven cleaning or bathroom cleaning is prioritised. But carpets NEED to be cleaned regularly to keep them dirt, dust and bacteria free, otherwise they can cause allergies and illnesses, how?


1 bedroom house/apartment 100 euro


2 bedroom house/apartment 120 euro


3 bedroom house/apartment 140 euro


4 bedroom house/apartment 160 euro




Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – Dust


A carpeted floor is like a sponge. It absorbs spilled liquids, saliva, urine and can accumulate dust, hair, skin flakes and unwanted bacteria. Daily vacuuming and spot cleaning is the best way to maintain your carpets but after 12 months of constant use and abuse, your carpet needs a bit more attention than a quick vacuuming. It needs a heavy duty carpet cleaning to clean, refresh and remove all dirt, dust and bacteria. You need to call Carpet Cleaning Sandyford.


Our heavy duty twin motor carpet cleaning machine will extract even the smallest dust particles from deep inside your carpet. What looks like a standard shampoo, is in fact an industrial strength dust and residue extractor. Dirt and dust stands no chance when our heavy duty eco carpet cleaning shampoo is sprayed all over your carpet. The dust particles emulsify and become very easy to extract. A proper carpet cleaning job should get rid of all types of dust particles, skin flakes, hair, grime, fat, grease, urine stain and urine odours, etc. A carpet cleaned by Carpet Cleaning Sandyford will be clean and fully disinfected.




Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – How often should i wash my carpets?


Carpet manufacturers recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once per year to keep them clean and fresh. If the carpet has ALOT of daily traffic and looks very dirty or is badly stained, you can use the services of your local carpet cleaning company a few times per year, but on average most people get their carpets refreshed once per year.




Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – How is the pricing calculated?


Carpet Cleaning Sandyford provides very clear pricing and we have all our prices listed on our homepage. You can book single rooms or you can book a full package domestic or commercial carpet cleaning deal and save about 30%. Like all other carpet cleaning companies, we have a minimum charge of 50 euro to cover our basic costs. A set of stairs and a landing will cost you 45 euro, a living room (without dining room) is 45 euro and a standard sized bedroom costs 30 euro. These prices only apply to properties in average condition, average size and without special requirements. A 3 bedroom house carpet cleaning is quoted as 140 euro. At this price you will get the 3 bedrooms done, stairs and landing & living room. If your home is much larger or if your carpets are in a very poor condition, you will pay more than 140 euro. Also, basic standard odour neutralizing will be included in our standard rate, but if your carpets require a lot of treatments & spot removal, it will cost you extra.




Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – How clean will my carpets be after cleaning?


Bear in mind that your carpet is manufactured from some type of fibres. These fibres are very durable and designed for heavy duty use but if you spill bleach, oven cleaners, acidic cleaning products, coffee, tea, red wine, etc, the chances are that your carpet will change colour for good. If your carpets are in average condition, we will restore it to a new like condition. If your carpet is in a very poor state, we will make it better, but it might not look like new. A realistic approach is essential. In some cases, it is more about disinfecting the carpet than actually cleaning it.


A house or a commercial unit that still has amazing carpets after years of usage, is not an accident. They don’t just hire a magic carpet cleaning company and years of dirt, stains & grime just disappear. They maintain their carpets well and regularly, they probably use protectors and they have door mats to prevent shoe marking.




Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – What about mite removal?


For carpet mites to develop and thrive there are special requirements needed. Mites will thrive in a carpet full of dust and debris or in a wet and damp room. Carpet Cleaning Sandyford uses the amazing Cleanfast Carpet Cleaning Shampoo PH 13 to deep clean and disinfect the carpets. This product will deep clean, disinfect, deodorise and kill all types of mites and their larva. But to keep mites away you need to keep the room ventilated, vacuum the carpet regularly and have your carpets professionally deep cleaned once per year. Basically you cut the food supply and you destroy the optimum living conditions for the carpet mites. Mites hate clean, dry, dust free carpets.




Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – are your products safe for my pets/baby?


100% guaranteed. We are one of the most popular carpet cleaning companies in Dublin for good reasons. Our eco friendly carpet cleaning shampoos are manufactured locally. We use soft and gentle carpet cleaning detergents that are pet friendly, kid friendly, asthmatic friendly and pregnant women friendly. We do not cut corners and it is for this exact reason that so many people use our services regularly and they also recommend us to their friends and family. No need to worry, with Carpet Cleaning Sandyford you are in good hands.




Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – What kind of technology do you use?


Basically there are two types of carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning and water extraction carpet cleaning systems. We have used both types and have found the hot water extraction carpet cleaning system to be the most efficient for stain removal. It is for this reason that we use the Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning System.


Our heavy duty carpet cleaning machines are manufactured by Prochem and Craftex. A carpet cleaning shampoo will be diluted in warm water, the cleaning solution will be sprayed all over your carpets, the dirt will soften up & then we will use a stainless steel wand to extract the residue formed from the cleaning solution and whatever dirt was within your carpet. If the carpet is very dirty, we will use some particular types of pre-treatments to soften up that particular stain. For rust we will use rust removers, for blood and organic stains we will use enzyme breakers, for impregnated grime we will use traffic lane cleaners, for urine, coffee, tea & red wine we will use heavy duty solvent based stain removers.


If you are looking for a nice fragrance, we also add a strong deodoriser or odour neutraliser. For urine odours we have a powerful urine neutraliser that reacts with the urine and cancels its odour. We have a solution for any issue.




Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – Coffee, tea, blood & red wine stain removal?


No carpet cleaning company can guarantee 100% stain removal. We, at Carpet Cleaning Sandyford can only guarantee that we will use the best and the most efficient stain removers ever invented but the results are not always guaranteed. Some coffee and tea stains are unremovable. If the stain is treated within a few hours after it has happened, the chances of full removal are great. But months later or years later, the active chemicals within those products will permanently stain the carpet and the stain is unremovable. This is the honest truth. No carpet cleaning company can guarantee you “any stain removal”


Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – What happens with the furniture?


Most people that book our professional carpet cleaning services have some kind of furniture. It is not feasible to carry all the furniture into the garden and then back after the carpet was cleaned. So we move furniture around. We clean one half of the room and then the other half. Very heavy beds will not be moved.




Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – Do you do sofa cleaning as well?


Of course. You can build up your own package to include carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning and rug cleaning services. Same type of equipment is used but different cleaning products. Just tell us what you need done and we will work out the best rates for your particular needs.




There is an old english saying, I am too poor to buy cheap shoes. It is the same within the carpet cleaning industry. Something that looks very basic, a bit of spray out and extract it back, can require a lot of skill and years of experience. Anyone can buy a professional carpet cleaning machine but the right chemical for the right spot at the right time is not something that is taught in schools. Carpet Cleaning Sandyford can guarantee that your carpets will be deep cleaned with the most efficient carpet cleaning products available. We can also guarantee that the best technology will be used. We do not cut corners and we are not interested in cheap carpet cleaning. We are good at what we do because we charge fair prices that enable us to invest in proper technology. Book our professional carpet cleaning services online or over the phone.




Carpet Cleaning Sandyford

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