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Carpet Cleaning Rathmines

  • Carpet Cleaning Rathmines


Date : November 14, 2016

Carpet Cleaning Rathmines

If you are a looking for a professional carpet cleaning company to deep clean your carpets you should check out Dublin Carpet Cleaning. With hundreds of carpet cleaning jobs completed in Rathmines in the past few years and with a rate of complaint of 0 we are confident that you will be satisfied with the results. Carpet Cleaning Rathmines

Carpet Cleaning Rathmines Pricing

Price is king but good quality is also very important. Dublin Carpet Cleaning won`t break the bank and brilliant quality is guaranteed. With prices starting from 30 per bedroom, 45 per living room and 45 for stairs and landing you won`t be ripped off. For commercial carpet cleaning we can provide a price per square meter but it all depends on the size and quality of your carpets. For 2+ properties we can offer great deals. Carpet Cleaning Rathmines

Carpet Cleaning Rathmines Our machines

Even if your carpets look spotless we can guarantee that there is a lot of dirt and many types of bacteria hiding within the fibers. You walk in and out the whole day and you bring a lot of dirt from outside directly onto your carpets. All this dirt deposits at the bottom of your carpet. Our carpet cleaning machines will inject hot steam at high pressure into your carpets. The heat will help dissolve the dirt and the shampoo will kill most types of known bacteria. Then we will extract all the moisture and dirt by using very powerful extraction motors. Your carpet will look like new. More power in our carpet cleaning machines means maximum moisture removal. We can guarantee 1 hour drying time after each job but it all depends on ventilation. Carpet Cleaning Rathmines

Carpet Cleaning Rathmines Insurance

Dublin Carpet Cleaning is fully insured. All our carpet cleaning jobs are covered for damages of up to 6.5 million. If your carpet is damaged in any way by our specialists you will be fully compensated by our insurance company. We have had 0 claims in 10 years but you never know so for your peace of mind you know you are covered in the event of any accidents.

Carpet Cleaning Rathmines – How to book

You can book a carpet cleaning job with us in many ways. You can send an enquiry form and we will contact you within 10 minutes. You can call us for free at 01 444 0146 or you can book and pay online in a few steps. After booking you will receive a confirmation to confirm your appointment and you are good to go. We will contact you within 24 hours prior to the job to reconfirm. Carpet Cleaning Rathmines

Just call Dublin Carpet Cleaning today and let us show you what can be done. We will help you out with the furniture moving and we will do our best to adapt to whatever special requirements you might have. We provide a collect and drop key service also. Carpet Cleaning Rathmines

Carpet Cleaning Rathmines

Carpet Cleaning Rathmines


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