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Carpet Cleaning Dublin

  • Carpet Cleaning Dublin


Date : November 1, 2016

Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Dublin Carpet Cleaning is one of busiest carpet cleaning companies in Ireland. We are an Irish owned company and we are not part of any international franchise. Our carpet cleaning services are affordable and our work quality is outstanding. Having repeat customers is our aim and up to now most of our customers are using our services again or recommending us. We provide commercial and domestic carpet cleaning services. No job is too big for us but we have a minimum order of 50 (under this amount wouldn’t be worth it for us). We have a long list of latest projects on our website and a detailed description of our carpet cleaning techniques and systems. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco

Drying time we own very powerful carpet cleaning machines that have high waterlift technology and ensure very short drying time. The twin motor powerful carpet cleaning machines extract 90% of the water on the spot. The rest of the water will evaporate within 1 hour depending on ventilation. Cleaning products our carpet cleaning machines use hot water but for tougher stains or high traffic areas using just water will not do the job. In these cases we will use eco friendly carpet cleaning shampoos. Your carpet will look like new, it will smell fresh and it will stay like that for a long time. We can also remove other types of stains and in some cases stronger cleaning products will be required. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Appointments we will fit you in within 24 hours but in emergency cases we can be with you within 1 hour. We understand that if your carpet is flooded you don’t have 24 hours to wait for carpet cleaning specialists. In these cases we will have your place spotless within 2 hours after the initial contact. We are open 24/7 but for over night appointments we will require notice. For bigger commercial carpet cleaning jobs we will need do to a site inspection just to make sure we do not over/under charge and to see if the building has all the facilities required for us to do the job. But don’t worry, all sites inspections are free of charge. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Insured

Specialists with hundreds of jobs done each month, big and small, we can truly say that our carpet cleaning specialists are some of the best in the trade. Our no nonsense approach will impress you and our straight talking specialists will explain in plain English. The charge for your carpet cleaning job will be pre agreed and if the job is as described it won`t cost extra. Our carpet cleaning specialists will issue invoices for the job completed and they will deal with complaints, if any. Prices we have standard prices for standard carpet cleaning jobs. A double bedroom can be 10 sq metres or 50 square metres. Our price of 30 per bedroom will apply to an 8 to 12 sq meter bedroom. If the room is bigger the price for carpet cleaning will go up. For commercial carpet cleaning jobs we will price per square meter if the job is over 50 square metres. The bigger the floor area the less it will cost per square metre. Covered area we accept carpet cleaning bookings from up to 50 km from Dublin City Centre area. Some areas will incur additional diesel surcharge but this will be agreed before the job is started (10 extra). We cover the whole Co Dublin area and for decent sized jobs we will travel the whole country. Just email us your requirements and we will reply within 5 minutes. We did many carpet cleaning jobs on the west coast. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Recommended

Terms & conditions very few. We will require electricity and running water. Many new builds have no electricity or running water and we can`t use our carpet cleaning machines. Even so, we can adapt to any requirements as long as we know in advance. Do not reduce the size of your carpet cleaning job just to get a cheaper estimate because we will know and we wont do the job. If you have pets please keep away from our carpet cleaning machines. Not all the stains are removable. If the carpet is damaged we can`t repair it. We can clean it if is dirty. Opening hours we are open 24/7 subject to booking. Weekends and bank holidays can be booked but we need notice. Our carpet cleaning specialists have lives. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Local

It doesn’t matter if you are a domestic or commercial carpet cleaning customer. We do it all. Hiring Dublin Carpet Cleaning to wash your carpets you can be sure of quality, on time arrival and brilliant results. And you wont be ripped off. Some carpet cleaning companies charge mad money and some carpet cleaning companies charge way too little money to make any profits. We are in the middle. You can pay us cash, cheque or online payments . We accept most payment methods. Call us now at 014440146  or book online. Carpet Cleaning Dublin

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