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Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

  • Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions


Date : January 9, 2017

Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions


1 bedroom carpet cleaning 30

1 living room carpet cleaning 45

stairs & landing carpet cleaning 45

For commercial carpet cleaning jobs we will need to do a site inspection. Full house/apartments deals also available.

Carpet Cleaning

Are you in need of a carpet cleaning services for your home or business? Then worry no more. At Dublin carpet cleaning services, we offer the very best and top-notch professional carpet cleaning services to all our customers. We not only offer carpet cleaning services but we also offer different cleaning services ranging from upholstery cleaning services, sofa, rug, and mattress cleaning service, all this to meet our varying customers needs in the industry that we operate in. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Why us? You are guaranteed excellent carpet cleaning services at unbeatable prices in the market. As a company, we have many years of expertise and experience in carpet cleaning making us the leading carpet cleaners in the whole of Dublin. Because we value our customers and what we do, we have invested in the best carpet cleaning professionals who are highly skilled in providing the quality carpet cleaning services to all our customers. Our cleaning methods involve giving you carpet a longer lasting look without the use of harsh detergents and chemicals by:

1. Ensuring maximum stain removal for your carpet

2. Offering fast and friendly carpet cleaning services at affordable prices

3. Fast drying time for your carpet

4. Online booking for our cleaning services via our website or giving us a call at any time of the day

5. Fully guaranteed and insured carpeting cleaning services.

6. Handling the most difficult tasks under any conditions with our state of the art machines

7. Offering our cleaning services for homeowners and commercial businesses.

8. Using the best products, equipments, and latest techniques in the market.

9. Using of eco-friendly and non-toxic carpet cleaning products to remove stains dirt, kill bacteria, allergen, viruses, and mites.


Commercial carpet cleaning We provide our carpet cleaning services to businesses, schools, offices, churches, restaurants among others. Our cleaning services are of quality and high standards to our customers. We fully operate on a 24 hour 7 days per week. We also provide emergency carpet cleaning services upon request. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Domestic carpet cleaning To expand our niche we offer carpet cleaning services for estate agents, private homeowners, estate agents, apartments owners, tenants and companies at a small free. This is usually priced according to the rooms but greatly differs depending on the area. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Benefits of carpet cleaning Accumulation of dust in your carpet or rugs can have an adverse effect on your health or on any member of your family who is suffering from conditions such as asthma and snoring. It is highly recommended to always clean or seek professional help from companies who engage in the carpet cleaning business.

Below are some of the reasons why you should have your carpet cleaned

1. Carpet cleaning eliminates pollutants The possibility of having a dirty carpet in your home without having it cleaned can lead to accumulation of air pollutants such as lead, cockroaches, pet dander, particle pollution not forgetting the dirt and dust we encounter in our everyday lives. Toxic airborne gasses can also get trapped in your carpet. When you are vacuuming or just walking around these toxic gasses are released which can contaminate the air around your home. With the right professional carpet cleaning services, they will be able to kill all the bacteria by using special shampoo carpet formula and a high-powered vacuum, to remove all the trapped pollutants in your carpet and rugs. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

2. Carpet cleaning clears infestations of dust mites It is unfortunate to say that not so many homeowners are aware that their homes are infested with dust mites. This is because these creatures are so microscopic and we cannot see them with our own naked eyes. Even though they are not allergens, they tend to leave behind body fragments and feaces in your carpets and rugs. Because they are microscopic in size we easily inhale them when an area is disturbed leading to allergies. This explains why some people are allergic to dust. To get rid of dust mites professional carpet cleaners do use a steam-cleaning technique when cleaning your carpet. This technique exposes your carpet to high temperatures instantly killing the dust mites. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

3. Carpet cleaning helps to prevent growth of molds In areas that experience high humidity, dirty carpets can develop mold when exposed to the moisture. The moisture is trapped in your home and sinks into the fibers of your carpet if not dried or vacuumed immediately. When you have your carpet cleaned on a regular basis it helps to prevent the growth of molds or mildew. Professional carpet cleaners use highly powered drying tools to annihilate the moisture. Another option is cleaning your carpet is by using a fan, or opening your windows, to help dry your carpet faster. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Remember, regular carpet cleaning is only about having a clean carpet but also contributes to a healthier home environment.

Carpet cleaning methods Professional carpet cleaning service companies use a wide range of different cleaning methods when cleaning carpets and dirty rugs. Usually, the cost, degree of dirt in your carpet, type of carpet fiber and environmental conditions will highly influence the selection process of the carpet cleaning method to be used

Below are some of the common carpets cleaning techniques used today?

1. Steam cleaning method This method is also known as hot water extraction and is one of the common methods of carpet cleaning. It involves heating of hot water to a boiling point, which is later on injected in the carpet under a pressure. The hot water loosens the dirt particles, and the moisture and the carpet-cleaning machine cleans dirt. If a carpet is heavily soiled or extremely dirty then a detergent is used. This method of steam cleaning helps to remove bad odors, kills bacteria and dust mites. It is most preferred method than carpet shampooing. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

2. Carpet shampooing This is one of the original carpet cleaning methods being used by professional cleaners in the industry. This process involves applying of a foamy chemical on the carpet, which is scrubbed using a circular motorized brush. This method is good for cleaning heavily soiled carpets. The carpet is vacuumed thoroughly to remove all the soil residues since no extraction is involved. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

3. Dry carpet cleaning This method uses no water in cleaning. Usually, an absorbent compound is sprinkled over the carpet and a brush is passed through the carpet to dissolve the soil. A commercial vacuum cleaner is used to clean the soil residue. The advantage of this method is that it dries a carpet faster than any other carpet cleaning method and does not damage the natural fiber of carpets. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

4. Bonnet cleaning Also referred to as the dry-cleaning method. This method uses different cleaning products mixed with carbonated water and is sprayed as a mist over the carpet surface. A cleaning circular rotating machine with an absorbent covering is used to clean the soiled carpet. When the covering is soiled, it is replaced with a clean one until the carpet is sparkling clean. It is not an effective method of cleaning since soil can settle at the bottom of the carpet without it being cleaned. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

5. Green carpet cleaning There are eco-friendly and natural non-toxic cleaning products, which you can use to clean your carpets at home. For instance, you can use water and white vinegar or a combination of other products to clean tougher stains. Currently, carpet cleaning companies are now using eco-friendly cleaning services to clean carpets. Before seeking to hire carpet, cleaning services find out what cleaning methods they are using. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

How often should you clean your carpet? When you clean your carpet, you are actually extending the life of your carpet and reducing the amount of dust, dirt that usually accumulates on the carpet fibers. The best advice is to clean your carpet on a regular basis at least once a year minimum to remove the dirt particles that can damage the fibers. However, for commercial areas carpets should be cleaned on a quarterly basis. For homes with pets, children, smokers they should have their carpets cleaned two-four times in a year. A Scotchgard can be used during carpet cleaning. A scotchgard is a stain repellent usually applied in carpets to help prevent future stains and ensure that your carpet stays clean and longer. It protects carpet fabrics and fibers by acting as a permanent seal. With a Scotchgard, dirt and stains cannot penetrate into the fibers of your carpet. Though costly, it is worth it especially if you have kids and pets around your home. When you apply, Scotchgard stains remain on top of your carpet making it easier during the cleaning process. It recommended in high traffic areas, offices, or rental properties. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Why hire a professional carpet?

With the different levels you may end up experiencing with your floor, it is best to keep your carpet as clean as possible. With carpet cleaning professionals:

1. They save you on time and cost spent in buying or renting carpet cleaning machines for your home or business. Some carpet cleaning machines being sold in stores are not as effective as cleaning machines used by professional cleaners in the market. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

2. Carpets and rugs vary in shape, size, and material colour and so on. This means you will require different cleaning methods and professional cleaners do which cleaning methods to use to for a carpet or rug. They have a wide range of equipments and techniques to use because they understand the stains involved and how to remove them. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

3. Unlike retail carpet cleaners with professionals your home is kept clean from allergens, bacteria, and dust mites are eliminated. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

4. You are assured value for your money when you use a professional cleaner. They give the very best service since they are trained in stain removal and cleaning methods to use which will not damage your carpet or rug. As much as many homeowners may opt to clean carpets on their own, it does not guarantee you maximum satisfaction as it has its own drawbacks. For instance, you may end up spending more that you think, it is time-consuming, you stand the risk of not sufficiently cleaning your carpet, or you may end up using the wrong cleaning method which can damage your carpet or rug. The advantage of hiring the services of a professional cleaner saves you all this. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Carpet cleaning cost When planning to hire the services of a carpet cleaner, conduct a research of all prospective carpet cleaning companies in the industry. Make inquires about their services, cleaning process and anything you would wish to know. A company offering a low carpet cleaning service may just want to attract you but end up giving you poor quality service. When hiring, your decision should be based on the quality of service, recommendations, and lastly price. The cost of carpet cleaning does vary depending on the company you would want. However, a good point to note is cheap can sometimes be expensive. Be sure of the estimates since you will know how much the company is going to charge you for their cleaning services. Having the wrong estimates will make you incur more extra cost when your hire. When it comes to carpet cleaning, promotions never make any rush decisions always be careful to avoid regrets. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

What to do before your carpet cleaner arrives. To avoid losses and damage during the cleaning process remove fragile and valuable items and keep them safe. If necessary, move your furniture and any other small items like toys, shoes, clothes, lamps from the floor. When you free up the spot it makes work much easier for your cleaner. During the process, you can pinpoint out areas of concern such a tough stains, disturbing spots, or generally high traffic areas that need urgent cleaning attention. This helps to ensure that nothing is missed during the cleaning process. Currently, most carpet cleaning companies services do move heavy furniture at no charge and return the furniture to their it rightful place after having completed the cleaning services. Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Eco Carpet Cleaning Solutions

How long can you get your carpet cleaned?

How long it takes depends on how soiled the carpet it and the capacity or the room. For more information about our carpet cleaning services kindly- visit our website.

Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Professional results for less!


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