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Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede

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Date : November 24, 2016

Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede

That time of the year has come again. Your lovely carpets are full of stains and all the abuse of the past 12 month has become more and more visible. With the economy picking up it is getting harder to find a good carpet cleaning contractor. We have some good news for you. Dublin Carpet Cleaning is getting busier and busier but we have kept the same low prices and we have even improved our work quality. Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede

We are as reliable as before and when you book Dublin Carpet Cleaning you just know that we will be on time and we will complete the job on time. We have the same super professional customer service and you just know that if for some reason you are not 100% happy with our work, we will come back and sort out any issues. Even more, we kept the same highly professional staff over the years. Our company still provides free no obligation estimates for both commercial and domestic customers. A free phone number is available for all of our customers or you can book online without even contacting us. Payments and invoices? Online of course. Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede

Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede our services

Domestic carpet cleaning if your job is worth over 50 we are interested. We work with a wide range of customers . We deal with many domestic customers looking for clean carpets before Christmas, Easter or any other important day. We deal with emergency carpet cleaning for customers who just had a spillage or a flood. We deal with tenants who need to get their rent deposits back and we deal with landlords who need their property re rented fast. We are open 24/7 for any emergency situation. Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede

Commercial carpet cleaning our 1 hour drying time for any commercial carpet is very attractive for all our commercial customers. If you run a busy business or a shop, you know that time is money so we need to do it fast and have the carpet dry fast. Our 2015 technology will do just that. We will deep clean your carpets fast and we will have it dry in 1 hour. We provide very reasonable commercial carpet cleaning rates. Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede

Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede our prices

We are not the cheapest carpet cleaning company around but we are not the most expensive either. If you ask a person who was let down a few times by a very cheap carpet cleaning company what is a fair price for carpet cleaning, you will find out that having someone come on time and do a good job is worth paying a bit more for. Our prices for 1 bedroom start from as little as 30 , we only charge 45 for stairs & landing and we will deep clean your living room carpet for only 45 . Dublin Carpet Cleaning provides full houses deals as well. The price for 1 bed apartment starts from 100 , 2 bed apartment or house start from 120 , 3 bed apartment or house starts from 140 and 4 bed apartment or house starts from 160 . Bigger properties will cost a bit more but you will need to call us for pricing. Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede

Commercial carpet cleaning pricing is a bit different. We usually price per square meter/foot but if the job is over 2000 sq meter we will price per job. Location, condition and size are the three things that decide the final price. Call us or email us today and we will work out a price for you. Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede

Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede furniture

We will move light furniture around the room. If heavy furniture is present and you want us to clean under it, you will have to move it before we start working. Our lads are very helpful and they will work with you to make a good plan about your furniture. Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede

Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede insurance

As a professional carpet cleaning company we could not and would not operate without being fully insured. Dublin Carpet Cleaning is fully insured and a copy of our policy can be emailed to any customer upon request. For the commercial market we can provide safety statements and risk assessments. Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede

Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede our carpet cleaning shampoo

Washing a carpet without a carpet cleaning shampoo is like washing your clothes without detergent. It could work but it might not. Our carpet cleaning shampoo is eco friendly and very safe. We use Evans Extract Carpet Cleaner. This carpet cleaning shampoo is as dangerous as your washing powder. Most of the dirt is removed by the hot water on impact with the dirt but to sanitise the carpet a shampoo needs to be added. We can guarantee that our company uses some of the best carpet cleaning detergents available. Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede

Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede our carpet cleaners

The difference between the 2015 technology and 1995 technology is like the difference between a 2015 brand new car and 1994 car. First, our carpet cleaning machines are at least 4 times more powerful than our competition. More power means that the pumps will inject hot water at higher pressure, it will break more dirt and it will reduce the amount of carpet shampoo needed. More power in our pressure pumps means that the water will be transformed into a powerful mist, the carpet will not be saturated which would mean the drying time would be very slow. Twin extraction motors means that 98% of the water will be extracted in one go with the other 2% evaporating within 1 hour. Cheaper costs for us and faster results mean that we can afford to provide cheaper prices to our customers. Let us show you what can be done with brand new technology and well experienced specialists.

It doesn’t matter if you are a commercial or a domestic carpet cleaning customer. Call us today let`s do some business together. We tend to keep all our customers and our customers become our advertisers. Have a look at our latest projects list and see what type and what size of carpet cleaning jobs we can do. Dublin Carpet Cleaning is not just another carpet cleaning company out there. We are the carpet cleaning company. Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede

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Carpet Cleaning Donaghmede


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