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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh

  • Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh


Date : August 27, 2017

Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh

Finally, you have found a carpet cleaning company that doesn’t cost a fortune, is reliable and provides high quality carpet cleaning services. Dublin Carpet Cleaning is one of the busiest carpet cleaning companies in Dublin due to highly professional staff and excellent quality work. If you want your carpets cleaned by professionals with years of experience in carpet cleaning please go to and book us in. Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh

Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh Services

Dublin Carpet Cleaning provides domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services. We contract any size job without restrictions but we have a minimum order of 50 . We can do carpet cleaning in houses, apartments, shops, offices, schools, restaurants, pubs etc. We have the technology and the man power to contract any size job without any problems. Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh

Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh Prices

We have many deals and offers going on all the time but we also have fixed prices. A standard size bedroom should cost around 30 if no special treatments are required. A standard sized living room should cost around 45 if no special treatments are required. Stairs & landing should cost around 45 . For commercial carpet cleaning we will need to drop around and have a look at your job. There are hundreds of types of carpets and hundreds of types of stains. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation. Call us for free and we will have a price for you within 1 hour. Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh

Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh Our technology

We own some of the most powerful carpet cleaning machines ever invented. Our machines are designed to spray hot water at 800 psi. A domestic carpet cleaning machine can spray detergent at maximum 100 psi. Our machines are 8 times more powerful. We can break most type of dirt in one go without the need of using harsh chemicals. We will spray hot water under high pressure right on your carpet. The heat plus the pressure will break 90% of the dirt in one go. Two very powerful extractors will extract all the moisture and dirt from your carpets. Nothing can escape from our extractors. Your carpets will be fully dry in under 1 hour. Unlike other types of carpet cleaning systems, our systems remove dirt from the deepest parts of your carpets. You should have a look in the waste tank after your job is done. You won`t believe your eyes at the amount of dirt that was hiding within your carpet. Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh

Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh References

About half of our business is domestic carpet cleaning and the other half is commercial carpet cleaning. If you go to you will see the types of carpet cleaning jobs we can do. We never publish our domestic carpet cleaning jobs. We have thousands of references from as many domestic customers and our company is growing year by year. We work with many estate agents, management companies, state authorities, pubs, restaurants etc. Our services are used regularly by hundreds of commercial and domestic customers. Dublin Carpet Cleaning has a brilliant reputation on the market and you will be our next reference. Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh

Planning to get carpet cleaning done? No problem. We would love to quote for your job.

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Carpet Cleaning Clonskeagh


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