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Carpet Cleaning Citywest

  • Carpet Cleaning Citywest


Date : April 18, 2018

Carpet Cleaning Citywest

Dublin Carpet Cleaning is one of the most requested carpet cleaning companies in Citywest. Our company works with the commercial carpet cleaning market & with the domestic carpet cleaning market. We are all you can hope for in a carpet cleaning company and we offer magic value for money. Our technology is outstanding and we can guarantee you excellent carpet cleaning results in no time. Carpet Cleaning Citywest

Carpet Cleaning Citywest – commercial carpet cleaning

Do you own a shop? Do you manage an office? Do you manage a pub? You probably have carpets somewhere within this property. You know how important it is to have a good carpet cleaning company who can work outside normal business hours so your own business will not be disrupted, a carpet cleaning company that gets results instantly, that has your carpet dry within 1 hour and is also pretty affordable. Dublin Carpet Cleaning will come at the agreed time, it will complete the job on time and within the agreed price. Have a look at the latest projects page on our website and see the type of commercial carpet cleaning customers we deal with. Give us a call and let us quote for your job. Carpet Cleaning Citywest

Carpet Cleaning Citywest domestic carpet cleaning

We are offering value and we are the carpet cleaning company you were always looking for. We have an easy to use website where you can book online, pay online and get an invoice online. Latest projects? Of course, a full page. Photos with before & after? Of course. Clear prices? Of course. All that and even more. Many local estate agents, landlords, tenants, management companies etc. use our services regularly. If you plan to sell your home or if are moving out at the end of a tenancy and want to return the house to your landlord in pristine condition then the carpets will need to be spotless. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you. Carpet Cleaning Citywest

Carpet Cleaning Citywest our system

We do not just wash your carpets. We deep clean your carpets. We blast your carpets with 800 psi of pressure and hot water. If that is not enough to remove heavy duty stains we will use a carpet softener. The results are outstanding. High water lift technology. After years of experience we have decided to go for this carpet cleaning system. The classic way of washing carpets is the best. The technology has changed a bit and the carpet cleaning machines are much more powerful and much more efficient. We will spray hot water at high pressure onto your carpet. The heat will relax the dirt, the pressure will break the dirt into pieces and the eco carpet cleaning shampoo will kill the bacteria and sanitise the carpet. Two extractors will extract 98% of the water and the other 2% will evaporate within 1 hour. This type of carpet cleaning system cleans inside the carpet as well unlike other types of carpet cleaning. The visible dirt at the top of your carpet is not even the most dangerous one. The small dirt particles that will affect your breathing and the bacteria are hiding inside the carpet. We will remove all this dirt for you. Carpet Cleaning Citywest

Carpet Cleaning Citywest our machines

We use Airflex Storm Carpet Cleaners. You cannot get more power from any other carpet cleaning machine. Our carpet cleaning machines are about 4 times more powerful than our competition and that means we can complete any job faster and cheaper. The 1 hour drying time is only possible if the carpet cleaning machine used to wash your carpets has twin motors . Ours do. We can complete any size commercial carpet cleaning job in one day and we do not even have to bring a carpet cleaning machine inside your home. Hoses only. Carpet Cleaning Citywest

Carpet Cleaning Citywest prices

Providing affordable pricing is the key to success. Good quality and efficiency are also very important. Here is a list of prices : 1 bed house 100 2 bed house 120 3 bed house 140 4 bed house 160 –  Carpet Cleaning Citywest

Standard sized properties. If your home is bigger the price will increase. We are not an expensive carpet cleaning company and we offer a good balance between quality and price. For commercial carpet cleaning jobs we will price per sq meter. If the job is over 500 sq meters we can provide a reduced rate per square meter.Carpet Cleaning Citywest

Carpet Cleaning Citywest our specialists

Dublin Carpet Cleaning employs the same people for years. We are a highly regarded carpet cleaning company because of our workers. Professional, efficient and polite. Our carpet cleaning specialists can price extra work for you if you wish. Our company has a rate of complaint close to 0 and our list of regular carpet cleaning customers is growing year by year. Carpet Cleaning Citywest

Carpet Cleaning Citywest our insurance

Fully insured and covered for damages of up to 6.5 million. We are claim free and intend to stay that way but for your peace of mind, and ours, if the worst was to happen we are fully covered. For the commercial market we can supply you with safety statements and risk assessments. Carpet Cleaning Citywest

We have a free phone line and we are open 6 days per week 12 hours per day. For pre booked carpet cleaning jobs we are open 24/7. We are reliable, affordable and highly recommended. Dublin Carpet Cleaning provides free estimates also. Need more information? Visit our website

01444 0146

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Carpet Cleaning Citywest


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