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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown

  • Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown


Date : October 28, 2017

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown

Whatever type of carpet cleaning you need done we can do it. We are the masters of carpet cleaning. We provide free estimates , we are the most reliable carpet cleaning company around , we are insured , we are affordable , we are very good and we are open 24/7. A one stop carpet cleaning company. If you live in Blanchardstown and if you have carpeted floors it is very likely that you have already used our services at some point. Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown

Dublin Carpet Cleaning specialises in deep carpet cleaning services. We deal with commercial and domestic customers. If you check out our latest projects page you will see the types of customers we deal with and the size of the carpet cleaning jobs we can do. We can contract any size carpet cleaning job subject to a minimum order of 50 . The minimum charge applies to both commercial and domestic carpet cleaning jobs. Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown our specialists

What is our secret and why are we so busy? Because we have more or less the same carpet specialists for years and they complete hundreds of jobs each year. Experience and daily practice is what makes our carpet cleaning specialists great at what they do. All our workers are fully trained and fully insured. Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown Spot treatments

If your carpet has stains and spots, you might not need the whole room done. In many cases where a spill has just happened we can treat only the area affected by the spill. We have many spot treatment products that will get rid of your stain 100%. Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown furniture

If your room is full of furniture we can move the furniture around the room. We can do half of the room and then the other half. We can move light furniture around but if there is heavy furniture in the area where you need carpet cleaning we will not be able to move it around. In many cases, the carpet is not even dirty under your furniture. Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown our shampoo

All our carpet cleaning shampoos and spot removers are eco friendly and safe for everybody including kids, pets, pregnant women and asthmatics. Dublin Carpet Cleaning uses very little eco friendly carpet cleaning detergent and 90% of the work is done by the hot water and high pressure pumps. The need for chemical use is reduced big time and we will only use spot removers or boosters when the carpet is very soiled. Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown our insurance

We are fully insured and we can contract any type of carpet cleaning work, commercial and domestic. For our commercial carpet cleaning customers we can also provide safety statements and risk assessments. If you need more information about our carpet cleaning insurance policy please contact us today. Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown our carpet cleaning machines

The quality of a carpet cleaning machine will make or break a job. A very powerful carpet cleaning machine will inject steam at high pressure and it will heat the water. A good carpet cleaning machine will have twin extraction motors so it will dry your carpet in less than 1 hour. A good carpet cleaning machine will need to have different levels of power to suit all types of carpeted floors. A very good carpet cleaning machine needs to have at least 40l solution tank so the carpet cleaning specialist doesn’t have to keep wasting time refilling the machine. Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown

Here is what we will be using to clean your carpets. 100 years of technology in one carpet cleaning machine. 800 psi of power will be used to spray your carpet. Ceramic wands will work slowly over your carpet fibre. Twin motors will extract all the moisture and the 150 feet of hose that this machine has will avoid the need of even bringing the machine into your home. Why not give us a call and let us show you what new technology means? No bacteria or infection can stand a chance against this beauty. Dirt that is not even visible will be extracted from the bottom of your carpet. We can do a test for you to see what you think. Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown

Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown prices

With high quality and a lot of technology comes big prices, right? Nope. We are one of the most reasonably priced carpet cleaning companies. We do a lot of carpet cleaning daily so we can afford to do it a bit cheaper than our competition. Our carpet cleaning machines are much faster than our competition and we will not have to wash your carpets 100 times to get good results. One go with our equipment and the stains are done. Carpet Cleaning Blanchardstown

30 per bedroom 45 for living room 45 for stairs & landing

As you can see, we are not madly expensive. If you book a full house of carpet cleaning we can provide with even better carpet cleaning prices.

100 for 1 bed house/ap 120 for 2 bed house/ap 140 for 3 bed house/ap 160 for 4 bed house/ap

Call us for free on 1800 848 700 or book online. We are open 6 days per week / 12 hours per day. For pre booking jobs we are open 24/7.


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