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Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle

  • Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle


Date : May 5, 2018

Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle

By hiring Dublin Carpet Cleaning to deep clean your carpets you know that you will receive a very fair price, that that your carpets will be cleaned properly and most importantly, you know that you are hiring a reliable company who will be there on time. With hundreds of carpet cleaning jobs completed in Baldoyle over the past 10 years we can truly say that we are one of the most highly regarded carpet cleaning companies in Baldoyle. Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle

Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle our specialists

All our carpet cleaning specialists are fully trained, polite and highly experienced. By doing the same job every day you get very good at it. Our carpet cleaning specialists will issue invoices, will price extra work if necessary and can receive payments. Dublin Carpet Cleaning does not subcontract any of its work. Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle

Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle our system

There are many types of carpet cleaning systems. Dry, wet or semi wet. Over the years we did it all. Dublin Carpet Cleaning uses a hot water extraction system which has high water lift technology. This carpet cleaning system is the most efficient type of carpet cleaning, it cleans deep and fast. We need about 2 hours to complete a 3 bed house. The hot water extraction system works with high pressure hot water mixed with a carpet softener, this will be injected into the fibre of your carpet. Heat, pressure and carpet cleaning shampoo, the dirt stands no chance. Two twin extraction motors will extract all the dirt and your carpets will be fully dry within 1 hour. Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle

Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle our carpet cleaners

Our carpet cleaning equipment makes all the difference. To be able to charge decent prices you need to complete the job fast, cheap and get results. By using Airflex Storm Carpet Cleaners, not only can we deep clean your carpet much faster than our competition, but we will also have your carpet dry in less than 1 hour. Time is money and by saving money on our expenses we can offer you better rates. Our carpet cleaner machines will generate up to 800 psi of pressure. We will remove dirt and bacteria that you cannot even see. If you require more information about our carpet cleaning equipment please contact our office. For the commercial carpet cleaning market we have some good news. We can complete over 10 000 square meter of carpet cleaning per day so just email us with your requirements and a date. You can afford us. Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle

Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle our shampoos

By using top of the range cleaning equipment we have reduced the amount of carpet shampoo needed to complete a carpet cleaning job by 80%. A few years back, most of the carpet cleaning jobs were done using strong detergents. Most of the contractors would pre spray big areas of carpeted floors with very toxic chemicals and then just extract the dirt. Nowadays the process is different. Most of the work is done by very powerful pressure pumps that inject hot water at high pressure. The carpet cleaning shampoo is used just to sanitise. Our carpet cleaning shampoo is also an anti bacterial agent. After your carpet is professionally cleaned you can be sure that it will look clean, feel clean and it will be fully sanitised. Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle

Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle our prices

Price is king. Providing very affordable prices should be the key for success for any carpet cleaning company, right? Not really. Ask any person or company that had their carpets washed by an inexperienced carpet cleaning company with cheap cleaning equipment. The carpet cleaning will cost very little money but it will also take weeks to dry, the stains will not be fully removed and the chance of getting mould are pretty high. When you hire Dublin Carpet Cleaning you just know that you will end up paying a fair price and you will receive outstanding quality. Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle

1 bedroom carpet cleaning 30 1 living room carpet cleaning 45 Stairs & landing carpet cleaning 45 1 bedroom house / apartment carpet cleaning 100 2 bedroom house / apartment carpet cleaning 120 3 bedroom house / apartment carpet cleaning 140 4 bedroom house / apartment carpet cleaning 160

All prices are for standard sized properties. For bigger properties please call us. As you can see, our prices are affordable. Why risk having your carpets damaged by inexperienced carpet cleaning contractors when our prices are so good?

Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle our opening times

Monday to Saturday 6 am to 10 pm We are open 24/7 for work but for after hour appointments we will need notice. Book within 48 hours prior to the job to avoid disappointment.

Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle our insurance

Like any other professional carpet cleaning company, Dublin Carpet Cleaning is fully insured for all carpet cleaning jobs. We are covered for damages of up to 6.5 million. You are in good hands with us. For the commercial market we can provide safety statements & risk assessments.

Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle our references

On our website we have a page called our latest projects . All our commercial carpet cleaning customers and our latest projects are listed there. We never list domestic carpet cleaning customers on our website for privacy reasons. Most of our carpet cleaning jobs come from repeat customers or referrals. We need you as our next reference so you can be sure that we will do all we can to impress you.

Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle our guarantee

We can guarantee that only safe and top of the range quality cleaning products will be used in your home. We can guarantee that we will provide you with the best rates. We can guarantee that we will treat all your furniture with respect. We can guarantee that we will do all we can to get the best results for you. Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle 014440146 Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle

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Carpet Cleaning Baldoyle


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