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Business Listings Ireland

  • Business Listings Ireland


Date : July 30, 2016

Business Listings Ireland

Many companies do not understand the importance of being listed in as many business directories as possible. If you sell or provide any type of service, from a fixed base or online or both, you will need to be known on the market to be able to do a good business. Very few companies have reached their holy grail no more sales needed and they are just happy to stop at this level and achieve no more growth. Business Listings Ireland

All companies, whether big or small, should have a budget for advertising. Usually about 10% of its profits but, depending on the size of the business, it could go much higher or much lower. Let`s say that your company has a profit of 50k this year and you aspire to reach 70k next year. Your advertising budget should be around 5-6k per year or 450- 500 per month. You don’t need to have this budget but if you don’t advertise people won`t know you are there and it will be very hard for you to get new customers. At the start of the recession in 08-09 many people were relying on their few good customers who were bringing in 70-80% of the company’s turnover. When the bank stopped the finance for many big companies it had a domino effect and a huge number of small contractors were wiped out of the market within a few months. This is the main reason why any small company should do at least 5 types of advertising and it should never just deal with 1 big customer. Many companies were affected so badly by the recession and other companies managed to double their size during the recession. Business Listings Ireland

What is business listing and why should you be part of at least 10 business directories?

You probably have a website and you could even have a great ranking on the search engines. Your website needs updates and great content. Maybe you have great content and you are doing your updates weekly. But there are many companies just like yours on the market and they want the same things like you. Who will get the best ranking? Business Listings Ireland

All the search engines have robots that are scanning the whole web. The more visible and relevant you are, the more locations you are found in, the more relevant links to your website and the better content you have will decide who gets the best rankings. Let `s say that a person looking for a plumber in Dublin does a search in any of the search engines. The search engine will have a fraction of a second to decide who comes at the top for this particular search. A company that has a great content , a company that is listed in another 10 business directories and has good content in all of it, no identical content in all 10 directories it will more than likely go higher than a company that has a simple website and no listings. Each time you create another business listing you push your company higher. Your website or your product gets more credibility and you will be found easier by potential customers and by the search robots. Business Listings Ireland

Your listing plus many other companies that are listed on any directory will make that directory popular and it will also make you popular. The content from your competition, if listed on the same website, will get you more work. Business Listings Ireland

Business Listings Ireland

You should list your company on at least 10 different business directories. Each business directory has its own tricks and ways of doing SEO and all this will benefit you. Being part of a group of companies that work hard to get their website seen will help all members. Being part of 10 groups of businesses will do wonders for your business. The most important thing when you list your business in a business directory is to only write great original content. Take advantage of all the services that the directory offers. Put as many photos as you can, links to your video if you have any, use your most important keywords as often as you can and create links to other websites. Let`s say that your company does safe passes. After you are done with a full description add a link to to the safe pass area. Listings on the business directories have proven to give great boosts to all people that have created them. Do not write the same content on all the directories, it will backfire and you will be downgraded. Many online business directories have paid listings and free listings. The advantage of posting on a paid directory is that you can usually post a larger amount of content and the website is well optimised. More content and better quality optimisation will push your website even higher on the search engine searches. Most companies will list themselves in 10 paid directories and then in another 10 free directories. If you join a free business directory you will be allowed to write a few words about your company and to list a phone number. Business Listings Ireland

There are many SEO companies out there that will promise you the world just to get you in and then you will be told that SEO takes time. You do not need them. They are expensive and in most cases useless. The best SEO company is you. You are the only one that knows your business and you alone can write good content and articles for yourself. Paying 1000 per month in the hope that you will reach great positions will most likely be a waste of money as most of the deals between SEO companies and their customers end in disappointment. In fairness, all the websites will need a bit of specialist work at the start, meta tags titles and few good links so a skilled web designer with SEO knowledge is crucial. After that, good content writing and directory listings will do the job. Most of the SEO companies will do the same thing to get you rankings, directory listing, article writing, press releases, videos and links. You can do that yourself. Listing your company with will open great opportunities to you. directory has unlimited content as standard, 10 videos, 20 photos, up to 10 keywords, address, contact, product description, areas covered. Try our business directory and increase your online ranking. Business Listings Ireland

Business Listings Ireland


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