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Date : May 22, 2018

Your Business Directory Listing- The Missing Link In Your SEO Efforts

Welcome to the 21st century, where visibility on the internet is a make-or-break factor for your business. If people can’t find you online, there’s little chance of them trooping into your enterprise or office. Why? Internet users rely on the information provided by search engines to get the services they need. You want to be able to drive the traffic to your website. This generates leads and increases conversion rates, which means more revenue for your business. Tech-savvy business owners and virtually anyone who wants to establish an online presence acknowledges the value of SEO. They all want to get as close as possible to the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs). After all, the internet users rarely go to the third, fourth and other pages. SEO is broad. For this article, we’ll focus on the business directory and its significance to your SEO strategy. Business Directory

A business directory is basically a list of businesses, which possesses all the relevant information about the services or products provided by the different enterprises in a specific geographic area. Your listing will be your online profile. A business directory helps consumers to easily search for the products/services they desire, while at the same time giving search engines necessary information for better ranking. The major search engines scan through the internet, collecting data about a search query that has been made, and this includes the business directory listings. When your business listing is found on other sites, the listing that is in their own database gets more credibility and value. You get to make your target clients and consumers aware of your presence, and rank higher on the SERPs. People want a quick and efficient way to get the information they need about hotels, hospitals, banks, gift shops, restaurants, etc. This becomes a major boost to business owners who have been listed on the local business directory. In fact, over 30% of the searches made online are local search terms- these are phrases that include a geo-specific word (like Carpet Cleaning Dublin). The links from the local business directory provide crucial backlinks to websites that want to get higher rankings for local search terms. Business Directory

The NAP Factor NAP is information-Name, Address and Phone number. You may hear some people call it NAP+W, where it’s just an addition for Website. When it comes to NAP, there are 2 major things to take note of:

1. Accuracy How often do you update your online listings? Numerous businesses miss this step, some cite no having enough time to do it, while others just blatantly ignore it. According to Listing detected at false business address is the second highest negative local ranking factor. It comes right after listing in the incorrect business category. The third factor is a mis-matched NAP. Such inaccuracies will cripple your local SEO. Why? The NAP is used by the local search engines to measure the validity of the existence of your business. For your presence to be authenticated, all data points on the business directory listings must be congruent. Business Directory

2. Consistency To put it simply, your NAP must be align perfectly across the scope- local directories, listings, and even citations. The information about your business that is on Google+, SuperPages, Foursquare should be consistent with that on the Local Small Business Association, Manta, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, TeleAtlas, Yelp, etc. Any variation will confuse the search engine. Basically, if your business is listed with different names, addresses and phone numbers, Google will interpret each of them as different businesses. This hurts your rankings. Are you changing your business’ phone number? Moving to a new address? You can even be simply adding an apostrophe to your name. However, all the information should be up to date with each change. Every single citation will need to be tracked down and changed. You want a business directory that makes the process easy. Business Directory

Information On The Business Directory Listing

Internet users interested in the products or services that your business is offering will want to see more than just the NAP. This ranges from hours of operation, link to website, prices, forms of payment accepted, ratings or reviews, company features, credentials, and even brands or trademarks. Google even changed its local search ranking algorithm to include distance and location parameters. You’ll want to provide as much of this information as you can. Every citation on the business directory boosts the local SEO. Customers want lots of information in order to make a well-informed decision. Business Directory

Why You Should Get A Business Directory Listing

Information about your business, such as the NAP, is displayed by search engines on their SERPs. The 3 most used local search engines are Google Places (Maps), Yahoo Local, and Bing Local. Each have their business directory listings where you can list for free. However, there’s more to the ranking that just putting your listing in the 3. The search engines’ goal is to provide the most relevant information to the internet user. As such, they don’t just rely on their own databases. They also get the data that’s on third party sources, and compare it with the information they have. In case the comparative data doesn’t match, the search engine interprets the data that it has to be less important or outrightly wrong, hence less relevant. Consequently, your ranking on the SERPS gets really affected. Listing on the local business directory will enable you to rank higher faster. Business Directory

The Relevance Of Citations

Citations are mentions of your business name that are on other webpages, and may not necessarily have links to your own webpage. They are part of the information that search engines get from third-party sources. Citations that are on well-established and indexed portals like SuperPages increase the validity of your business, basically telling search engines that Yes, we are who we say we are. It’s hard to be fake when you’re on your county’s business pages, or featuring on local online newspapers and popular blogs. The citations increase the certainty that the search engines have about your categorization and business’ contact information.

Business DirectoryChoosing The Business Directory To List On There are thousands of directories on which local business owners can create business directory listings. Each listing increases your chances of being visible to customers. You want listings that will lead to better rankings and increase conversion rates. As such, you need to focus on getting listed on the right directories for your location. They should be unique to the geographic area of your business. Note that you’re not just optimizing for the general location of your business, but for the geospecific hyperlocal neighbourhood. In addition, the local business indexes share their data with each other. This increases your chances of ranking higher for the local searches. Business Directory

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