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Bona White Primer

  • Bona White Primer


Date : April 15, 2018

Bona White Primer

A Look At The Bona White Primer

Wood floors are popular for their natural feel, durability, and their healthy attributes- like the low level of allergen accumulation. But you also want them to look stunning. The floor has a ripple effect onto the rest of the ambience. You don’t want faded or yellowing floors to set the tone for your dÌ©cor. Then there are those cases when the planks installed are of a low quality and quite frankly don’t look good- you may even be contemplating pulling them out and installing new ones. In addition, over time, the floors and get worn out, reducing their character and dragging down the rest of the establishment. Scuffs, scratches and colour variations on areas that are exposed to foot traffic and sunlight, compared to those that are hidden under the dining table, sofa, and other furnishings are common. You don’t need to replace the entire floor. Simply bring new life to it using the Bona White Primer.åÊ

You want a floor treatment that will make it look superb, and lengthen its life at the same time. After all, you spent loads of funds to install it, and you deserve to be able to enjoy it. The floor is under attack from all sorts of things, ranging from the incessant foot traffic, food and drink spills, to the scratches from sharp objects. Even activities such as scrubbing the floor to remove stubborn stains increase the amount of friction on the surface. You want to be certain that the products you use won’t get scrubbed off leaving you with a bare floor. You want to increase the durability of the wood and its ability to withstand the abuse it receives. The primer should bond strongly with the desired topcoat, to enhance these attributes, plus the value of the property as a whole. Turn to the Bona White Primer for your floor care needs.

5 Reasons To Invest In The Bona White Primer

1. Bring that Nordic feeling to your floor Do you want to style up your interior with a Scandinavian whitewashed floor? The Bona White Primer is the product for you. You can use it to set up anything from a light wash that allows the grain to show through, or a white tint that covers it all up. It’s all controlled by the number of coats that you apply. As such, you get to set the tone just the way you want it. Make those accents pop and compliment your cabinetry and furniture using the backdrop created by the Bona White Primer. It enhances your style, making the items in your residential or commercial property stand out. It’s like the feeling you get when you’re in an art exhibition, where all the colours and accents seem to gleam right at you. The white design expands the interior space, making the premises appear really opened up. It lights up the place, making the establishment feel cheery and inviting- the perfect setting to host your family and friends, impress customers in your workplace, and relax comfortably in, after a long day at work.

2. Timely convenience You don’t want to be forced to wait for over 24 hours for the primer to dry before you can topcoat it, as is the case with numerous solvent based formulas. You won’t need to. The waterborne Bona White Primer will have dried within 2-3 hours, ready for the preferred protective lacquer coat to be added. This dramatically cuts down the time required for the floor maintenance projects, enabling you to work on a huge expanse in a short period, and allows you to resume using the floor at your earliest convenience.

3. Versatile The Bona White Primer is suitable for both wood and parquet floors. Touch up your oak floors, add the white hue to your pine, beech and spruce wood floors, and get that Nordic look for your maple floors. It’s easily applicable onto the parquet blocks and strip planks that are laid out in falling lengths. It will even out the wood grain as you apply it, and get rid of those pesky scuff marks that are glaring at you from the surface. 3 coats of the Bona White Primer are enough to create a truly white impression on your floor.

4. Low emissions You won’t have to worry about VOCs affecting the indoor air quality of your establishment. Its maximum VOC level is 60 g/lit. The Bona White Primer has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it meets regional and global regulations on protection of the environment in which it is used it. For instance, it is GreenGuard certified, and has also met the DIBt standards.

5. Economical The Bona White Primer brings you savings in a number of ways. First, in case you’re remodelling your establishment, simply using the primer will consume only a fraction of the amount that tearing up the boards and replacing them would have cost you. In addition, the 1L and 5L containers are priced affordably. The high application rate also means that you get to use the primer efficiently. The 1L will cover 10-12 må_ of the floor.åÊ

DOs And DON’Ts Of The Bona White Primer

DO sand the floor in case there are previous treatments still on it. This is to remove the polishes and sealants, and expose the bare wood. You can use a 120 grit for the final sanding. Get rid of the sanding dust and also clean up the floor to ensure there are no grease spots, grime particles and wax spots left behind, that can affect the quality of the results.

DO use a roller to apply the Bona White Primer. It’s been specially designed for this, and will reduce your workload by a great extent. Remember to shake the container well before use.

DO apply the Bona White Primer along the grain of the wood. Avoid going diagonally or across it, which can cause application marks to be formed.åÊ

DO allow sufficient drying time in between coat applications. 2 hours should be enough. In addition, lightly sand the floor before you apply the next coat. This is to reduce the grain, and you can use a fine grit level, such as 150.

DO seal the floor with a protective lacquer after applying the Bona White Primer. You can use the Matt, Extra Matt, or Natural Bona lacquer in order to get superb results.åÊ

DON’T accumulate the primer on different sections of the surface. This will cause colour variations. Apply the Bona White Primer in an even coat, and also avoid overlapping.åÊ

DON’T apply the primer in temperature below 13C.


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