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Bona Traffic HD

  • Bona Traffic HD


Date : November 27, 2016

Bona Traffic HD Varnish

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-superb quality water based varnish designed for high traffic areas -it comes in two component box, the varnish itself plus the hardener -one of the most widely used water based floor varnishes in the whole world -very popular with the floor sanding & refinishing industry in Ireland -this high traffic varnish is known to last 5 times longer than other brands -very easy to apply even by people with no experience in the trade -superb value for the quality and protection that it can provide

Bona Traffic HD Varnish Where to use If you own wood floors and if there is high traffic on your floors, you should consider Bona Traffic HD Varnish. This superb quality water based floor varnish was designed to last for years even on floors with constant high traffic. Many international airports, pubs, restaurants, gyms, etc have had their floors finished with Bona Traffic HD Varnish. This varnish is made to last and will look great even after years of use. You can varnish any solid or semi solid wood floor that has been sanded or that has not been sealed with a floor polish or oil. Bona Traffic HD Varnish will not attach to floors that were oiled or waxed. Bona Traffic HD Varnish is not suitable to varnish laminate floors. This superb quality water based floor varnish was designed for high traffic so you can use it on floors that are under constant traffic.

Bona Traffic HD Varnish How to use All Bona products, including the varnishes, were designed to be easy to use even by people without any experience in the floor refinishing industry. If you respect a few basic rules you will do a good job. First of all you will need to assess the job and make sure that the floor is suitable for varnishing. For the varnish to properly attach the floor needs to be dry, dust free and clean. Also, the varnish will only attach to new floors or newly sanded floors. Cover any areas that you do not want varnished with masking tape and apply the first coat of Bona Traffic HD Varnish. Apply one thin coat to avoid long drying times. After the first coat of varnish is fully dry you will have to do one more light sanding with 120 to 150 grit sand paper to remove all the small spikes that got hard in contact with the varnish. Hoover the floor and apply the second coat. The second coat should dry within 2 hours. Apply the third coat and allow 2-4 hours to fully dry before using the floor. Remember to only mix the exact amount of Bona Traffic HD Varnish with the hardener. Once it is mixed it will get hard inside the bottle within 4 hours.

Bona Traffic HD Varnish Maintenance Having polished wood floors that last for years will require cleaning and maintenance. Bona Traffic HD Varnish is a very tough varnish but acidic cleaning products will dull the shine and will stain the finish. Wash your floors regularly with neutral floor cleaning products and a mopping system. We recommend Cinderella Wood Floor Cleaning Kit or Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit. Tover Pulito Wood Floor Cleaner or Bona Wood Floor Cleaner are two of the best wood floor cleaners available in Ireland. Moisture is bad for wood floors and by washing your floors with one of these wood floor cleaning kits you will avoid over wetting your floors.

Bona Traffic HD Varnish Recommendation No other high traffic water based varnish can provide such brilliant and durable results. Bona Traffic HD Varnish is a professional water based floor varnish that can be easily used by flooring contractors and people with no experience. If you need a tough water based varnish to withstand heavy traffic without problems, you should try Bona Traffic HD Varnish.

Bona Traffic HD Varnish super quality product at reasonable prices!


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