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Bona Traffic HD Floor Varnish

  • Bona Traffic HD Floor Varnish


Date : October 8, 2016

Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer

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-professional two pack water based floor varnish from Bona

-available in matt finish & satin finish, varnish + 500 hardener

-suitable to overcoated oil based wood stains and primers


Bona Traffic HD Floor Varnish is the ideal varnish for commercial wood floor with high to very high traffic. The floor require 1 coat of primer & two coats of lacquer. Bona Traffic HD dries in less than 1 hour. Ready for heavy duty traffic within 12 hours!


The market is saturated with wood floor finishes that create lasting beauty to your wood floor and require minimum care with the contemporary, innovative wood floor finish products. The best wood floor finish cushions your wood flooring from dirt, moisture, wear while at the same time offering it an eye-catching shine and color. Wood floor varnish is one such floor finish you can use for your wood flooring.

Wood floor varnish is basically used as a top coat or finish. Wood floor varnish is long lasting because it contains superior amounts of hardeners. Beyond protecting the wood floor, wood floor varnish insulates the wood surface from strong UV light. Wood floor varnish is also commonly used in items that constantly come into contact with water, for example, beach chairs, decks and wood boat. Wood floor varnishes are available in two forms, single pack & two pack. Bona traffic HD is a two pack water based commercial floor varnish


Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer 


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