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Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit

  • Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit


Date : August 15, 2016

Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit


-one of the most efficient and easiest to use floor cleaning kits

-used in conjunction with a Bona cleaning product it will impress

-suitable for deep cleaning or maintaining tiled or laminate floors

-it can be used to clean commercial and domestic floors

-very durable and very cost effective product


Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit Why Bona? Bona makes easy to use products and equipment. When you buy a product from Bona brand you are buying over 100 years of history and experience. Since the early 1900s Bona has made professional quality products for the domestic market. Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit is not just another mopping system. This superb product is made from light but heavy duty materials. Its versatility and efficiency have made it the number 1 option within the floor cleaning kit business. More and more people associate floor care products with Bona. By using Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit you are sure to clean your floors quickly, properly and get streak free results. Most laminate floors that are washed with soaked cotton mops have a very short life expectancy. You will not run the risk of damaging or over soaking your floors if you use Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit.

Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit Cost effective Keeping a floor clean and shiny is not an easy task. But keeping a floor clean and shiny while using a lot of water and dangerous cleaning products is impossible. You might get away with soaking your tiled floors but you will not be as lucky with your laminate floor. Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit was designed to make your life easier, cheaper and more enjoyable. All you have to do is just spray the floor or the pad with the Bona Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner and then just scrub it with the microfiber pad. If the floor is very dirty, you should pre spray the area about 5 minutes before starting to clean the floor. The only thing that you will need to spend money on is more cleaning agent.

Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit Tips Even if the microfiber pad is pretty tough, it can get blocked if you have a lot of big dirt on the floor. Hoover or brush the floor first and then clean. Remove any sharp objects from the floor to avoid scratching the finish of the floor. If you plan to hoover the floor use the brush attachment on your hoover head.

Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit Commercial floor cleaning If you work or manage an office that is fitted with tiles or laminate floors, you need to try Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit. Once or twice per day, depending on traffic, you can quickly wash your floors. The floor will not get wet so a wet floor sign is not required. By doing so, you will avoid dirt build ups. The mopping system can be stored under your reception desk or at the back of a door, it is very compact for easy storage. Your reception area will look spotless and shiny.

If you are looking for a high quality mopping system, you should definitely consider Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit. You can pay more for lower quality with other brands, but why would you do that? After all, people on 4 continents cannot be wrong!

Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit Your floors will thank you for using Bona!


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