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Bona Mix & Fill Plus

  • Bona Mix & Fill Plus


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Date : January 28, 2018
Location : Dublin, Ireland

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A Look At Bona Mix & Fill

No one likes cracks or gaps in their floor. If you have a wood floor, it reduces the elegance and sophistication of the surface. Plus it reduces the lifespan of the wood. Most home owners want the flooring to last a lifetime- it’s why you spent hefty sums of money getting it installed. You should be able to enjoy all the benefits that wood floors have to offer. As such, these grooves and gaps need to be fixed as soon as they occur. That’s where Bona Mix & Fill comes in.

Where Do The Cracks And Gaps Come From?

It’s partly the fault of the people trooping all over your floor and your pets. Mother Nature also plays a role. People walking on your wooden floor with heeled and spiked shoes often leads to scratches that can build up into gaps. Your furry friend has sharp claws (in case you haven’t trimmed them). Cats and dogs clawing at the floor will lead to damages and even deep gouges. Bona Mix & Fill can eliminate these gouges from your floor.

Mother Nature comes in with temperature and humidity fluctuations. Ever noticed how gaps form during winter, while the floor was all normal during the summer? That’s because the wood tends to dry out and shrink, especially as you heat your home. Even the most carefully installed wood floors are affected. Wood surfaces have an intricate relationship with the moisture in the air. Even though the wood is no longer living and growing, it still contains cells that take on or lose moisture. During the summer the wood expands and everything goes back to normal. The trouble starts when the cycle is repeated. After a couple of yearly cycles, the gaps tend to become wide and more permanent. Getting the Bona Mix & Fill will revert the natural look of your wood floor.

Bona Mix & Fill- Solution To Your Wood Gap Problems

You need a trusted product to get rid of the holes and chips on your floor. Use the Bona Mix & Fill to get your flooring back to its original state. It will even fix the pesky gaps running parallel to the floor boards’ edges. You simply mix the product with some sanding dust from your floor and fill in the gaps. It’ll take the properties of your floor- including even the overall sheen. The perfect blend ensures that there is no trace of blemish on your floor. It works in both residential and commercial establishments. The Bona Mix & Fill is compatible with all kinds of wood floors, and also blends well with any surface treated with a Bona finish. Whether you have a light or dark wood, the product is designed to bring out the character of the entire flooring.

Bona Mix & Fill To Fix Your Flooring Problems

Why do you need the gaps of your floor fixed? Maybe you’re a home owner looking to revitalize your house and make it look new. No one likes living in a dilapidated and forlorn setting. You may want to fix an accident that occurred while you were moving furniture, which made you create a groove on your floor boards. Perhaps you’re a landlord, and your tenant has left your floor with all manner of scratches and furrows. Use the Bona Mix & Fill to fix them so that you can attract new tenants. You may be a realtor flipping houses. The Bona Mix & Fill will enable you to generate leads and seal deals, since fixing flooring problems enhances the value of a property. Even business owners rely on Bona Mix & Fill. High levels of human traffic particularly make these floors susceptible to damage. You want the floor of your office to be free of any forms of blemishes. How can you convince your client that you offer professional services when your floor is laden with scratches and gaping voids in its boards? Image goes a long way. Here are the advantages this product has for you:

Benefits Of The Bona Mix & Fill

1. Effectively fills gaps

That’s your main priority. You want a product that can get rid of those unsightly marks on your floor- whether they are meagre claw marks or full-on gullies. The Bona Mix & Fill does exactly that. In fact, it has a high filling capacity and can seal voids of up to 2mm in width. That’s a lot of space considering the flooring is meant to be flawless. It’s quick and permanent solution to fill joints and make other minor repairs on your floor. The Bona Mix & Fill also enhances the properties of your floor, such as making it more resistant to abrasion. This further prolongs the life of your wood flooring.

2. Easy To Use

Using the Bona Mix & Fill can be a simple DIY project. You don’t need any professional expertise or special equipment. All you need is a sandpaper, a wood stick or any tool that you can use to prepare the mixture, and a simple trowel to scoop it out onto your floor.

3. Fast-drying

It’ll dry in as little as 30 minutes. This means you can resume using the floor as soon as possible. This also it makes effective for fixing spots or large scale repair. You won’t be sealing off huge sections of your business premises for long time periods. You also won’t be locked out of rooms in your own home as you wait for the Bona Mix & Fill to dry.

4. Blends with the rest of the surface

You don’t want to have paths all over your floor. You want a seamless look that retains the lustre of the wood. When you mix the Bona Mix & Fill with the sanding dust, it blends with the surrounding wood, and there won’t be distinctions or signs that repairs have been done.

5. Water-based product

You won’t have to worry about odours in your home, or dealing with unpleasant fumes as you apply the Bona Mix & Fill to your floor. It is a waterborne gap filler that ensures that the indoor air quality in your home, business establishment or public venue is maintained. This is a plus for your health and the environment.

6. Versatile

The Bona Mix & Fill can used on any wood surface with gaps and scratches- from floors, countertops and walls, to decks, doors and the fence around your backyard. It works on different kinds of wood, from Oak, Birch and Maple, to Cherry, Mahogany and even Pine, Ash and Chestnut.

7. Economical

You want a product that’s budget-friendly and resourceful. You want to be sure that you’re getting a value return for the money you spend. In addition to the high quality of the Bona Mix & Fill, it also has a wide area coverage. 1L can cover about 10 square metres of floor space. The product comes in both 1L and 5L containers, so you can pick the one that’s most suitable to your needs. This means that it can be used for minor repairs around your households, or major repairs in office blocks and industries.

Using The Bona Mix & Fill

Here’s how to get the repairs done on your floor using the Bona Mix & Fill: First of you’ll need to clean your floor. You don’t want any dirt, grease, pet dander, shed skin cells, hair articles and other kinds of gunk to get trapped under the filler. They will weaken it, which will affect its structural integrity. Sweep or vacuum, and use the recommended cleaner for your floor to work on the area. Let it dry before you proceed. Once it’s ready, follow these steps:

1. Sand the floor. It doesn’t have to be the entire area. Focus your attention to the gap and its immediate surroundings. Sand it thoroughly till you reach the bare wood. This may take a few more minutes in case you had already applied a finishing to the wood surface. You can sand with a 60-80 grit sandpaper. Sweep away the excess sanding dust, leaving only enough to use with the Bona Mix & Fill. This depends on the size of the gap on your floor.

2. Prepare the filler. It’ll be a mixture of the sanding dust and the Bona Mix & Fill. Place the sanding dust in a small bucket. Shake the Bona Mix & Fill bottle, then add it to the bucket gradually. Your goal here is to mix it until you obtain a smooth consistency. You can use wood or any other tool to stir. However, you should not use items like metal filling knives, which may get discoloured and transfer the material to your mixture. The end result should be creamy. You can use a 1:4 to 1:2 sanding dust to Bona Mix & Fill ratio. (1 part sanding dust, 4 parts product, etc.)

3. Apply the mixture to the gap. The popular option is by using a stainless steel trowel. Scoop out the mixture from the bucket, and slop it onto the targeted area.

4. Sand the mixture into the wood. Use progressively fine grit sandpaper, like 80 then 180. Your goal is to get a smooth finish that is on the same level with the rest of the floor.

5. Allow to dry. Under normal conditions, it may take just 30 minutes. If it’s cold, or there are high humidity levels, give it a couple of more minutes.

Note that for the large gaps of around 2mm, it is advised that you apply the Bona Mix & Fill in stages. Allow the mixture to dry in between consecutive applications. 20-30 minutes should be enough depending on prevailing atmosphere conditions.

6. Use the sandpaper to get rid of the excess mixture on the surface.

You’re done. It’s that simple. You can apply additional treatments like wood stains as per your preference. Note that it would be prudent for you to finish the wood surface using varnish or polish. Such finishing enhances the properties of your floor, making it more resistant to wear and tear. This will go a long way in preventing scratches and grooves from being dug into the wood surface. After using the Bona Mix & Fill, you can apply any Bona coating system.

If you’re working on a newly installed floor, first give it time to acclimatise. The wood takes some time to adjust to the prevailing environmental conditions. This will enable you to correctly assess the size of the gaps, and the amount of product that will be needed.

Tips For Using The Bona Mix & Fill

When it comes to sanding:

Always sand the wood following its grain.

Only use the Bona Mix & Fill after you’ve carried out the initial sanding. It will enable you to see locations that you could have missed, plus it prepares the gap to be filled compactly.

After sanding the area, ensure it is completely smooth and filled to the surface of the wood. If not, apply more of the Bona Mix & Fill and sanding dust mixture, let dry, and sand again.

Wear the required protection (dust masks). You don’t want to inhale any of the particles as it may affect your respiratory system.

If you want to apply coating treatments after using the Bona Mix & Fill, wait for at least 1-2 hours before application.

Sweep/vacuum and clean your wood floor regularly. Dirt and grime underfoot becomes abrasive. The fine dust grit becomes like sandpaper and will wear down your floor. It may have even been the reason for the gaps and furrows that formed in the first place. When cleaning your wood floor, remember to avoid ammonia-based cleaners, detergents, bleach, abrasive cleaning soaps, or acidic materials like vinegar.

Avoid using tools that can rust when repairing the filler mixture. Also avoid painted tools, because the pant may flake/peel off and contaminate the mixture.

Make use of areas rugs in high-traffic zones on your floor. For instance you can get a ‘walk-off’ mat for the front door, or common areas in your business premises. It will reduce the amount of dirt being tracked onto the wood floor, consequently reducing the risk of wearing down.

Trim the nails of your pets. You don’t want them clawing at the surface and creating more grooves, especially after you’ve worked to fill them up with the Bona Mix & Fill.

Avoid wearing shoes with pike heels or heel taps on your wood floor.

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