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Bona Mix & Fill Plus Gap Filler

  • Bona Mix & Fill Plus Gap Filler


Date : December 20, 2017

Bona Mix & Fill Plus Gap Filler


Bona Mix And Fill Plus Review

Everyone wants a perfect floor- which is why getting gaps all over your wooden floor can be frustrating, and a total eyesore. These gaps are caused by a myriad of reasons. Sometimes they begin at the onset, during the installation of the floorboards. The initial board placement might not have been straight, resulting in unevenness in symmetry, which will create gaps between some of the subsequent boards. Perhaps there were errors when working around or outside corners. You don’t have to pull out the entire floor and redo the installation- simply fix the gaps using the Bona Mix And Fill Plus.

Bona Mix & Fill Plus Gap Filler

Gaps can also be brought about by natural occurrences. Your wood floor has cells that lose or gain moisture depending on the prevailing temperature and humidity conditions. During winter, there’s very low humidity, causing moisture to be drawn out of the wood. Since you’ll likely be using your HVAC system to heat up your home or business premises, the moisture loss on the floor will be accelerated. During summer, the gaps will close up, and you’re life can go back to normal. However, the following year, the same thing will happen. Repeated cycles will make the gaps larger and more permanent. This doesn’t just affect floors. Wooden window frames and doors may swell during rainy seasons, and form cracks as they dry out. Your wooden cabinets and furniture may form fracture lines due to humidity imbalances in the atmosphere. The Bona Mix And Fill Plus is designed to repair all kinds of wood surfaces, and restore them to the condition you desire.

Benefits Of The Bona Mix And Fill Plus

1. High filling capacity – Bona Mix & Fill Plus Gap Filler

The Bona Mix And Fill Plus has been designed to get rid of even the large grooves in your floor. In fact, it fills gaps up to 3mm wide.

2. Blends naturally with the floor – Bona Mix & Fill Plus Gap Filler

No one wants different colours on the joints. You want your floor to have an even sheen and tone. The Bona Mix And Fill Plus is mixed with the sanding dust from the actual floor that you’ll be treating, and it acquires its properties, including the colour. It blends so well that there are no signs that a repair was done on the spot.

3. Works on different types of wood surfaces – Bona Mix & Fill Plus Gap Filler

The Bona Mix And Fill Plus has been specially designed for light to medium coloured wood species. It’s used to repair floors in both residential and commercial properties- apartments, office blocks, retail stores, auto showrooms, museums, gymnasiums, art galleries, public venues, schools, hospitals, government institutions, restaurants- anywhere that there’s a wood floor with gaps that need filling. It also works on other wood surfaces such as doors, furniture, cabinets and even countertops.

4. Fast drying – Bona Mix & Fill Plus Gap Filler

You usually need to apply it only once. This means you’ll be saving time and effort when repairing your floors.

5. Wide coverage – Bona Mix & Fill Plus Gap Filler

You get to cover more area using the Bona Mix And Fill Plus. A single litre covers around 8-12 square metres of surface, depending on the size and quantity of the gaps. This gives you more bang for your buck. At home, you’ll have enough product left over for subsequent maintenance needs, and it lowers costs of repair in large buildings and office blocks.

6. Safe for use – Bona Mix & Fill Plus Gap Filler

As a home or business owner, you want to be assured on the indoor air quality of your establishment. With the Bona Mix And Fill Plus, you don’t have to worry about odours or toxic fumes. It also has very low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, with only a maximum of 15g per litre of product. This ensures that it’s safe to use around your family and pets.

7. You can apply finishing to the floor – Bona Mix & Fill Plus Gap Filler

After repairing the gaps, you can proceed to seal and polish the floor. Bona Mix And Fill Plus works with all Bona finish and oil treatments.

8. Trusted Brand – Bona Mix & Fill Plus Gap Filler

When you pick Bona Mix And Fill Plus, you’re choosing to work with a brand that is trusted in over 70 countries around the world. Bona has been in the business of floor care and maintenance since 1919, and has garnered nearly a century of expertise and professionalism in delivering unique solutions for floor care.

How To Use The Bona Mix And Fill Plus

Follow these steps:

1. Start by preparing the floor (the region you intend to repair). Your goal is to be left with clean, bare wood. Wash the surface to get rid of dust, dirt, grease and other substances. If left on the wood, they will contaminate the Bona Mix And Fill Plus and affect the result. Sand the surface to git 60-80. Sweep away the sanding dust, but gather some for the next step.

2. Now prepare the filler. First shake the Bona Mix And Fill Plus thoroughly. Mix it with fine and clean sanding dust to a smooth consistency. The sanding dust: Bona Mix And Fill Plus ratio should be around 1:9 or 1.5: 8.5 (1 part sanding dust, 9 parts Bona Mix And Fill Plus, and so on). Most tools will mix well, even a stick of wood. However, don’t use metal filling knives to do the mixing. The blades colour pigments can be flaked off and get into the mixture.

3. Apply the filler to the gap. You can use a stainless steel trowel. Scoop it from the container and put it into the gap.

4. Allow sufficient time to dry. Under normal conditions, it’ll take 30-60 minutes.

5. Sand the surface. Use a girt of 100-120. This final sanding should be carried out in the direction of the wood grain.

In case you want to add more filler to the same area, wait for at least 15 minutes before subsequent applications. Store the Bona Mix And Fill Plus in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area. Also keep it away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing it near oxidising agents, strong acids or strong alkalis.

It’s recommended that you apply a finish or oil treatment to your wooden surface after applying the Bona Mix And Fill Plus. This is to enhance the protection of the surface against stains and dust accumulation, and to increase its resistance to scuffs and scratches. Wait for 1-2 hours before applying any finish coating.

Bona Mix And Fill Pluse – Professional results for less

Bona Mix & Fill Plus Gap Filler


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