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Bobson Aersol Dispenser

  • Bobson Aersol Dispenser


Date : May 21, 2018

Bobson Aersol Dispenser


Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 Review

Are you looking for professional air care and odour control? Do you want to dispense an invigorating fragrance throughout your home or workplace? We encounter odours in numerous areas in our lives- from the stench that remained after you took out the garbage, to the funky fumes from the fridge. Perhaps your kitchen smells like the grilled salmon that you had prepared hours before. Then there is the nasty stench from the washrooms, musty smell in the basement due to mildew, and that odour from burnt popcorn in the microwave that seems to hang around for ages. Burnt on food, foul dishwashers, pungent smells from cooking items like cabbage, dingy carpets, musty mattresses, stale closets, and even your furry friend- the odour in your home can be emanating from anywhere. You need a product that will counteract all these and create an ambience with a lovely aroma. That’s where the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 comes in.

There are all kinds of odours to deal with- from the stale feel in the lounge, and tobacco smoke in public areas, to egg, garlic and onion odours in the kitchen. The same thing applies for offices: the lunch everyone brought over to eat at their desks- from cold cut sandwiches with fresh veggies, reheated hard-boiled eggs, and even seafood, to bacteria growing in the carpet, and also the odours stemming from the people themselves, whether it’s due to personal hygiene or someone using too much perfume. These smells can be spreading through the building stairwell, elevator shaft or even the heating and cooling duct system. You want your workplace to be a calming and neutral place where your employees can concentrate on their work and bolster their creativity. Controlling odours will help you achieve that productive atmosphere. You need a unit that delivers a spray pattern that will ensure these areas smell fresher for longer. Turn to the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100. It has been designed to instantly neutralise unwanted odours in your home, office, gym, studio, nursing home, day are centre, etc. It eliminates the odour and replaces it with fruit and flower fragrances, which leaves the atmosphere delightfully refreshed.

Benefits Of The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 – Bobson Aersol Dispenser

1. Effective odour control It automatically sprays bursts of fragrance, keeping your area smelling clean and fresh. Immediately you walk into the washroom or office, you’ll feel the difference. The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 provides you with a whopping 90 days output. It can deliver up to 50,000 metered aerosol sprays. The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 speeds the fragrance throughout your house or office building, completely masking everything from the litter box odour at home to the smell from the restrooms in business premises. Bobson Aersol Dispenser

2. Multiple dispense settings You get to choose between 8, 15 and 25 minute cycles. It comes with a 12hr and 24hr sensor. The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 has LED indicators, which show you when it’s operational, and alert you when it needs a refill. You get to deliver precise spray volumes in an ultra-fine mist to effectively freshen any room. The spray patterns of the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 can stay suspended for hours depending on the air conditions. This means that each spray will put more deodorising power into the air, and not on the floor. This gives you more efficiency, enabling you to get more out of your aerosol. Bobson Aersol Dispenser

3. Quick installation You can easily set up the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 in your premises. No wiring is needed. Just wall fixings, plugs and screws, and you’re good to go. Since it’s light, it also reduces the amount of energy to spend setting it up. The pre-programmed options are easy to understand. The spraying of the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 enhances atomisation, which increases break-up of the deodoriser, to increase suspension time and fragrance distribution. Bobson Aersol Dispenser

4. Built to last The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 has been designed using polypropylene, which gives it enhanced durability. The case has a high impact resistance. This also has added benefits to the environment, since polypropylene consumes the least amount of energy during its production, and produces that lowest carbon dioxide emissions compared to other plastics. The polypropylene is also recyclable. Bobson Aersol Dispenser

5. Power efficiency The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 operates using 2 x AA batteries. It comes with the latest soft-spring valve system that extend battery life, ensuring you get more aerosol output for less power. A simple change of the batteries every few months is all you need to continuously enjoy the beautiful scents in your home. Since the perfume lingers in the air between automatic sprays of the dispenser, it provides a continuous air treatment program. Bobson Aersol Dispenser

6. Enhanced security You can lock the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 to prevent aerosol theft. You can use it in residential and commercial premises, and in even in high traffic areas, from schools and hospitals, to government institutions and malls. Bobson Aersol Dispenser

7. Convenient The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 doesn’t take up much space on your wall. At 20cm high x 9cm wide x 7.5cm deep, it can fit just about anywhere.

How To Use The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100

Follow these steps to set it up and refresh the air round you.

1. Open the dispenser.

2. Insert the batteries into their designated slots. Ensure that the positive and negative ends are positioned properly.

3. Ensure the dispenser is in Off mode before inserting the can.

4. Set the on and off time. This is the time you want the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 activated.

5. Set the spray interval, depending on your dispensing preference

6. Activate the unit, by pressing the ON/OFF button.

Tips For Using The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100

When mounting it on the wall, position the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 in such a location that the spray doesn’t directly hit people, pets, foods, drinks, food preparation surfaces, or solvent sensitive surfaces such as varnished or polished materials.

To avoid being sprayed when the unit activates, do not stand in front of the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100.

Avoid exposing your eye to the front of the spray tip when changing the aerosol can.

To clean the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 cover, simply remove it from the hinges and wash in warm water using a mild detergent.

Do not operate the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 without an aerosol can in place.

Bobson Aersol Dispenser – Professional results for less!


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