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Bin Liners For Sale

  • Bin Liners For Sale


Date : March 15, 2018

Bin Liners For Sale

An In-Depth Look At Bin Liners

Garbage has to go. You need an efficient way to manage your waste and get rid of it. Bin liners are flexible bags used to line litter/waste containers or bins. They keep the bins in a sanitary state by preventing direct contact with the rubbish. When the bin liners are filled up, they are conveniently pulled out by the edges, closed up and tied, ready for disposal. There are all kinds of bin liners for sale- from compostable bags, and biodegradable bin liners like corn-starch liners to garden bin liners, wheelie bin liners and even caddy liners. The bin liners are also called garbage bags, refuse sacks, and rubbish bags. They are used in the collection, storage, disposal and handling of different types of waste such as clinical, industrial, domestic and kitchen waste.

We are all concerned about the environment. In the words of Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai If you destroy nature- if you don’t heed the laws of nature- nature will destroy you. International organizations and governments all around the world have been putting more emphasis on creation of environmentally-friendly products. This has led to the expanding range of biodegradable bin liners for sale. The use of these bin liners ensure that the waste is disposed off appropriately, and cuts down on the build-up in land fill sites.

History Of Bin Liners – Bin Liners For Sale

Ever since time immemorial, humans have pondered on what to do with the waste they generate. A few centuries ago, we’d just toss it in the parks and woods and wait for the wild animals to haggle for it. We’ve come a long way from that. In 1950, a Canadian inventor from Winnipeg, Manitoba called Harry Wasylyk invented the green polyethylene garbage bag. It was made using low density polyethylene, which was originally invented in 1942. Harry was working together with Larry Hansen from Lindsay, Ontario. Bin liners were first intended for commercial use, and were first bought by the Winnipeg General Hospital. The company that Hansen worked for bought the invention and manufactured the first green garbage bags in the 1960s. There are different kinds of polythene used when making bin liners:

HDPE High density polythene (HDPE) bin liners are a strong and thin material. It has a frosty appearance. It’s flexible with a high tensile strength, but it tends to easily get punctured by sharp objects. It’s best suited for areas where you won’t be dealing with sharp refuse in the bin. The HDPE bin liners are commonly used for handling kitchen waste.

Liner low density polythene (LLDPE) bin liners tend to be thicker than the HDPE and have a higher puncture resistance. However, they have a lower tensile strength. These bin liners are mainly used in office bins. Note that it cannot handle extremely heavy waste.

Low density polythene (LDPE) is thicker and softer than the LLDPE. They have been in use since the invention of plastic bin liners. They are usually made from recycled plastic. Its thickness and puncture resistance makes it suitable for heavy duty garden and industrial applications. Today, there is a wide range of bin liners for sale from top manufacturers. You can easily get the liner that’s suited to your needs.

How Biodegradable Bin Liners Work – Bin Liners For Sale

Since their invention, plastic bin liners have been filling up landfills. Unfortunately most plastics can take up to one thousand years to decompose. Since they’ll be sticking around for long, they are detrimental to nature. It was not long before degradable and biodegradable bin liners were developed. In 1971, Doctor James Guillet, a chemist at the University of Toronto invented a plastic that could decompose in a reasonable time if left in direct sunlight. He patented his invention. It’s worth noting that it was the millionth Canadian patent.

Biodegradable plastic bags are usually made from farmed products like corn-starch, which, in the right conditions, breaks down into elements such as carbon dioxide, water. Being biodegradable means that they can be broken down by microorganisms such as bacteria, algae and fungi. Biodegradable bin liners are compostable. This means that they can break down when kept in a home compost or a commercial composting facility. The rate of decomposing depends on the location. For instance, in a commercial composting plant the bin liners typically get composted within 12 weeks. That’s because it’s easy to raise the temperatures to 60-70C, when they are composting. That’s the temperature at which the composting is most efficient. Home composters will take longer. The turnover time for home composters is usually 6 months. However, you will notice that your bin liner degrades at the same speed as your food waste. You will also see that the bin liners are gone after the waste gets turned into compost. When taken to a landfill they can fully biodegrade between 6 -12 months. If the contents inside are biodegradable, it increases the rate at which they decompose and replenish the earth.

Today, there in ever-growing emphasis on the need for biodegradable bin liners. Various institutions and government authorities are pushing for it. For instance the Landfill Directive (EC/99/31/EC) in the UK has led to an increase in the biological treatment waste processing in over 300 local authorities throughout the UK. There are separate collection schemes for compostable materials including food and garden waste. They are being picked in biodegradable bin liners for effective decomposing. The trend for these environment-friendly products is all over the world, from Australia and New Zealand to North America and Asia.

Degradable vs Biodegradable – Bin Liners For Sale

There are both kinds of products. People tend to use the terms interchangeably but they are inherently different. Degradable bin liners have been designed to undergo significant changes in their chemical structure when exposed to specific environmental conditions. For instance, oxygen can be incorporated into the molecules of the liners. Even strong and tough degradable plastic films will become weak and brittle as a result of the oxidative degradation. This causes the products to break down into smaller fragments and particles. Degradation occurs under the effect of heat, moisture, or exposure to UV radiation. It’s also enhanced by mechanical stress. The degradable plastics are broken down until they are eventually small enough to be consumed by microorganisms, and then undergo biodegradation. Consequently, degradable products take longer to break down into carbon dioxide, biomass and water.

On the other hand, biodegradation is due to the breaking down of the product by microorganisms. It takes place at a fast rate on land. In the sea, this biodegradation will typically take place over a couple of months. However, since the bin liners are mainly made from starch, they can also be digested by larger animals.

How To Buy Bin Liners – Bin Liners For Sale

There are numerous products to choose from. They are as diverse as the various customer needs. Here are factors that you should consider in order to make the right purchase decision:

Your specific needs – Bin Liners For Sale

The first step in choosing the type of bin liner you want is clearly understanding its purpose. What is the planned destination of the waste? If you want to take it to the compost, then you should get a compost bin liner. Compost is a dark and earthy material that feels, looks and smells like rich soil. It’s used for both landscaping and agricultural applications, since it’s effective in conditioning the soil. It does this by improving the soil structure, retaining moisture and returning nutrients into the soil. Compost is a renewable resource by virtue of adding value to waste, such as when compostable kitchen waste is used to enrich the soil. You want bin liners that can be processed properly in their systems, leaving behind clean and uncontaminated compost. There are compostable bin liners for sale for domestic and catering waste, and even industrial waste. If the waste is being taken to a landfill, there’s a couple of factors that you should consider, such as the amount of waste and durability of the bin liner.

Point of usage – Bin Liners For Sale

If the bin liner is required for high security environments-like train stations, airports, financial institutions and shopping centres- you’ll need to get a clear sack. In such areas, the contents of the waste must be on display for compliance with requirements and regulations. If it’s for industrial use- like in large scale factory catering facilities or factories- you’ll need a heavy- duty bin liner. By its nature, garden waste is biologically active and aggressive. Thus, it’s vital that the bin liners to be collected can withstand high levels of biological activity while still maintaining their integrity until they’ll be collected and taken to the disposal sites. If it is for general or domestic use (at home, in hotels, offices schools etc.) there’s a wide range of medium and light duty bin liners for sale.

Special considerations – Bin Liners For Sale

These situations are when you want to handle hazardous materials- like in pharmaceutical industries. You can get bin liners that have been specialised for such scenarios, such as clinical waste bin liners printed with the required statutory information.

Recycling schemes and waste segregation – Bin Liners For Sale

Are you planning on sorting the contents of the waste for a recycling program? For instance, you may want plastic bottles to go in one bin, and not mixed with food refuse. Get coloured bin liners in order to differentiate what goes where. They will enable you to instantly identify bag contents. There are different kinds of colours, such as red, green, blue and white.

Quantity required – Bin Liners For Sale

How many bin liners do you need? Institutions, hospitals, schools and other large facilities may require a large number of bin liners. You can buy them in bulk at wholesale prices. When it comes to home use, you can also buy quite a number of bin liners, since they have a long shelf life. For instance, biodegradable bin liners will remain in their original state for years. They won’t break down until they are introduced to bacteria and other microorganisms in the soil. Different material grades will have different lengths of shelf life. It’s usually about 2 years when the bin liners are stored indoor at room temperature and humidity.

Check the strength of the bin liner – Bin Liners For Sale

This depends on where you plan of using it. For instance, a liner handling domestic waste does not have to be as strong as one handling industrial waste. You don’t want a bag that splits and spills rubbish all over your floor. Bin liners come with a gauge rating, which is used to measure the strength. For instance, 100 gauge is equal to 0.025mm. This is in reference to the thickness of the bin liner. The strength required is determined by the type of the waste. If you’ll be handling shrapnel, you’ll want a bin liner that doesn’t tear easily. On the other hand, if it’s simply vegetable waste, a light duty bin liner will do.

Weight requirements – Bin Liners For Sale

What kind of content will be going into the bin? Bin liners have also been rated according to the amount of weight they can handle. Heavy refuse like garden and industrial waste will require you to get bin liners that and carry 15kg – 20kg of waste. There are even bin liners that can hold up to 40 kg content, which is ideal for builders, gravel, rubble, sand and soil. Domestic refuse, paper and general office waste usually just need bin liners rated for 5kg – 10 kg capacities.

Size of the bin liner – Bin Liners For Sale

As you go through the bin liners for sale, you’ll need to know the size that will be suitable for your bin.

i. For the rectangular and square bins, the width of the bin liner should be equal to the sum of the width and length (depth) of the bin. The length of the bin liner should equal to the height of the bin plus an additional 7 inches (around 17 cm) for the overhang.

ii. For the round bins, the width of the bin liner should be equal to half the circumference of the bin. The length bin liner should also be equal to the height of the bin plus an additional 7 inches for the overhang.

Shape of the bin

There are bin liners for every bin shape- from pedal and square to swing bin liners. Get bin liner for sale that fits into your bin snugly, without either splitting or slipping in the bin.

Certification – Bin Liners For Sale

When buying biodegradable bin liners, check whether they conform to the set standards and regulations. There are various certification bodies, such as the British Standards Institution, VinÌ_otte in Belgium or ASTM D6400 or D6868 standards by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). They test the biodegradability and integrity of the bin liners. Check for certifications on the product, like the EN-13432, which is an EU harmonized standard for compostability and biodegradability. The most commonly used standards are the American standard ASTM D6400-99, the European standard EN-13432 and DIN V-54900. Different bodies can be used to award the certifications. For instance, the Association for Organics Recycling, in partnership with the German certification body Din Certco, operates a certification scheme in the UK to check for compliance with the BS EN 13432.

Benefits Of Bin Liners – Bin Liners For Sale

Why should you invest in bin liners? Here are 13 benefits they have for you:

1. You can use them for various purposes, from paper waste bins, dust bins, food bins to wheelie bins. They will protect your bin from getting coated in waste.

2. They prevent the horrible smells from permeating from your bin. The last thing you wasn’t is a smelly kitchen, corridor or office.

3. It reduces the number of times you have to clean your bin. No one looks forward to cleaning the inside of their bin. Having to deal with the grimy waste lathers around the interior is not a pleasant job. Bin liners fix the issue for you. They protect the inside of the bin from getting into contact with the waste, thus reducing the need for constant cleaning and maintenance.

4. They are lightweight and portable. Bin liners are so light that you can carry dozens of them without feeling any weight difference.

5. They allow hygienic waste management. First, they hold the waste without any leakage. This keeps your waste bin clean. Secondly, when they are full, or when the time reaches for garbage disposal, you simply need to tie it up using a knot to prevent the contents from spilling out.

6. Bin liners for sale slash down the time you need for cleaning up your home, office or industry. They are convenient to use and easy to carry.

7. Printed and colour-coded bin liners enable you to segregate different kinds of waste and refuse. This is beneficial at home, in schools, parks and even offices. People will be able to put the waste in the recommended bin so that it can head to the right destination- whether it’s to the compost, for recycling or straight to the landfill.

8. They are breathable. Since the bin liners allow the food waste to breathe, the material begins drying out. The weight loss simply due to evaporation can be as high as 30% in a couple of few days. This is beneficial in kitchens, since it prevents the waste from turning anaerobic and also significantly reduces odour.

9. Clear bin liners can enable you to easily identify waste content without having to rummage through the rubbish.

10. The bin liners are strong and durable, which means that they can handle different kinds of waste. However, note that you should go for the bin liner with the strength rating suitable for your needs.

11. The bin liners are resistant to water spills, meaning that any water content within the waste in the liner will no leak out into the bin. Consequently, you won’t have to deal with growth of mould or mildew.

12. When you look at it from a local collection authority’s point of view, one of the major benefits of using bin liners is the increase in efficiency during collection. The bags can easily lifted out of the outdoor caddy or bucket, which means that collection operatives can visit more properties before returning to the collection vehicle. They are also strong enough to be lifted out of the bin and put into the vehicle through the access hatches on the side of the truck. This means that crew members don’t have to keep walking back and forward to the truck.

13. Biodegradable bin liners require less time to degrade when compared to degradable plastics. Thus, they reduce the load on landfill sites. They also undergo a more environmental friendly manufacturing process since they have lesser energy requirements compared to regular plastic liners.

Extra Uses Of The Bin Liners – Bin Liners For Sale

They can do more than hold waste in in your bins. Their features make them adaptable to other applications in and outside your home. Here are different ways in which you can use the bin liners for sale:

1. One of the benefits of bin liners is their ability to appropriately line the insides of whichever container you use as a bin. When it comes to storage, you can use them to hold the stuff you keep in our garage or shed.

2. You can line plastic totes with bin liners to increase their resistance against humidity. You can now store your big and bulky items easily in the attic, resting assured that they are safe from moisture and critters.

3. For those who store items in the basement, you know how old and dingy it can get down there. There’s also the risk of mould growing and damaging your goods- especially the cloth items. Use the bin liners with the storage bags to protect them.

4. Are you going camping or on a hiking expedition? Bin liners for sale can come in quite handy during your trip. Here are some of the ways you’ll find the bin liners useful:

They’ll keep your supplies dry. You can put your clothing items, water-sensitive gear and food in clean bin liners in order to protect them from the rain, or when you’re crossing a river.

Keep yourself dry. The water-resistant ability of the bin liners can also protect you. For instance, you can use a liner as a cloak. Make some holes for your arms and head and wear it like a shirt. You can also keep the rain off your head using a makeshift bin liner hat. When you’re crossing rivers and streams, or generally walking through a wet area, you can tie a bin liner around your shoes. It will keep your shoes and feet dry.

Make ground cover- moisture from the ground can damage your items and make you uncomfortable. For instance, the dampness can impact your clothes. There are also those pesky bugs on the ground that come out during the early morning and evening hours in search of food. Put the bin liner on the ground to provide a layer of protection.

Protect your food. While camping, your food supplies are at risk of spilling, or getting attacked by wild animals and bugs. You can seal them in a few clean bin liners and store them in the tent. Alternatively, after sealing them you can securely hang them high up a tree.

Use it to hold water. The bin liner can make an effective emergency water container. It will hold a good amount of water, especially the medium duty bin liners for sale. In case there is a river or lake near the campsite, you can use the liner to collect water and take it back to camp. However, you should carry it carefully to protect it from getting torn by branches and shrapnel along the hiking trail. The bin liners can also be used to collect rain water. Simply dig a hole in the ground, line it with the liner, and wait for the rain.

Make some shade. If you’re on a long hiking trail and need to rest but there’s no place with sufficient shade, take out your bin liner. Stretch it out to make a temporary shade and block the sun. You can use few bin liners, and tape them together, depending on the size of shade you want.

Signal for help. Accidents happen, and you may need someone to come to your aid. You can tie a brightly coloured bin liner to a tree or rock to enable others to know where you are. In case you have spray paint or a permanent marker, you can use it to write down messages on the bin liner. In addition, you can make a banner using the liner and leave warning notes to mark unsafe places- like unsteady bridges and crossing points.

Build an emergency shelter. You never know when you might need one while on a hike. There can be a sudden heavy downpour, and you don’t have enough time to pitch a tent or stable ground to set the tent tarp. You can use branches, cordage, and a medium or heavy duty bin liner.

Stay warm and prevent hypothermia. The bin liner can help you retain your body heat, especially when temperatures fall very low while you’re on your trip. Tape the liner around your legs and torso to prevent hypothermia.

Wash your clothes. Being in a camping trip doesn’t mean you have to contend with remaining in filthy cloths. With bin liner, you can have them cleaned up and ready to be worn. Put the dirty clothes in the liner and add some warm water and soap. Shake the bin liner thoroughly, and drain the water. Add clean water and shake again to rinse them. Hang them to dry. For this, you should go for the medium or heavy duty bin liners for sale.

Take a hot shower while at camp. Simply fill a bin liner with water and leave it out in the sun for a while. The darker the colour the faster it will absorb solar energy. After waiting a while for it to heat up, hang it from a branch. Make sure the branch is sturdy enough. You don’t want all that wear weight dropping on you. Poke some holes at the bottom of the bin liner and enjoy your warm shower.

5. Cover your windshield. Don’t you wish there was a way you for you not to spend time clearing snow off your windshield after snowy or frosty days and nights? The bin liners can help you. Slit open the bin liner, tuck it into your car’s door and use the wipers to hold it down. It will provide a protective cover for the windshield.

6. They offer extra protection while you’re outdoors. Getting unexpectedly caught in a rain shower while you’re out on a picnic or enjoying a football match can be frustrating. Carry a bin liner with you and use it as an emergency poncho. You can slip it into your purse or bag. It won’t take up much space- you won’t even notice you’re carrying it. It will protect you from light downpours and torrential rains.

7. Protect outdoor furniture. Your outdoor seats, cushions and pillows don’t have to be soaked and ruined by the rain. You can grab yourself some bin liners for sale and use them to protect your items from the weather elements.

Tips For Using Your Bin Liner – Bin Liners For Sale

If there is any moisture lining the bottom of your bin, dry it before putting the bin liner. You can absorb the water using a newspaper a cloth or a paper towel.

In order to prevent garbage in the kitchen catcher from causing odours, empty it frequently and transfer the contents into the bin.

Avoid leaving your food waste exposed. You should keep the lids of your bin and kitchen catcher closed.

If there are items that already have pungent odours before you put them in the bin, you can sprinkle some baking soda, vinegar or garden lime into the bin.

Keep the bin in a secure and cool location.

To avoid attracting animals like rodents, keep your bin lid securely closed and take your bin to the curb earlier in the morning during the collection day.

Use biodegradable bin liners for your pet waste. They are durable enough to handle a significant amount of kitty litter. They are also strong enough when it comes to supporting pet waste when you are picking up after the pet.

You can use biodegradable bin liners to collect diapers and sanitary products. They both have a significant amount of organic material. However, take note of the garbage collection times. These materials should be collected during the weekly pickups, rather than waiting for biweekly garbage collection.

Bin Liners For Sale


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