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Bathroom Cleaners & Bathroom Maintainers

  • Bathroom Cleaners & Bathroom Maintainers


Date : September 16, 2016

Bathroom Cleaner & Bathroom Maintainer

It is very important to use the right cleaning products for the right cleaning jobs. Some of the best kitchen cleaning products are useless in the bathroom and some of the best bathroom cleaning products are useless in the kitchen. There are hundreds of schools all over Ireland that are using the wrong cleaning products to deep clean floors, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. will help you out if you ever need help. We are here to provide with accurate information and the best solution for all your cleaning needs.

Bathroom Maintenance Products you need to understand that a bathroom maintenance product is designed for light cleaning and daily bathroom maintenance. It will only be efficient if used daily or at least few times at week. A professional bathroom maintainer will remove light dirt build ups and it will refresh the place. Those products are designed to break heavy duty bathroom lime scale or other types of body fats.

Bathroom Cleaners a bathroom cleaner is a product that was designed to break dirt build ups and it will remove with ease must types of bathroom dirt build ups. It will break lime scale, body fats & general bathroom dirt. Most types of professional bathroom cleaning products will have a very high PH and a pretty high acidity. You can`t use a heavy duty bathroom cleaner for daily bathroom maintenance. It will waste your money. sells Evans Final Touch as a bathroom maintainer. We sell Evans Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner, Evans Everfresh Bathroom Cleaner, Evans Hi-Phos Bathroom Cleaner & Evans E-Phos Bathroom Cleaners as heavy duty bathroom cleaners. All those products are highly active and designed for heavy duty cleaning. Some of our bathroom cleaning products can be used as toilet cleaners and descalers. Evans T.T.C Thick Toilet Cleaner is a highly efficient bathroom cleaner and toilet cleaner. This product has a very thick composition and it will attach to the toilet walls. It will break most types of toilet dirt instant.

Call us now and tell us more about your bathroom cleaning requirements. We have at least one product that is designed for you.

Bathroom Cleaning Products professional bathroom cleaning products for less!


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