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Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner

  • Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner


Date : April 19, 2018

Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner

Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner

Most properties have several flooring materials such as tiles, hardwood, marble, carpets which can show embedded dirt and traffic patterns. Health and safety should always be vital within commercial industries and companies. But within in school set ups, the level of hygiene should be higher due to the sheer number of staff and students who have unique requirements in each setting. Cleaning surfaces in our homes and at workplaces can be a difficult task if you do not have the right tools to make your work easier and the correct hard surface cleaner. Cleaning is a great role in reducing the risk of infection and transmitting of germs, soil, and dust. It is also a harder task if you have not discovered the Apeel Hard Surface cleaner that cleans your surfaces effectively. You deserve a cleaning product that that will keep your home and establishments cleaned and safe on a daily basis. And as you are cleaning your surfaces also remember to embrace other hygiene practices such as washing your hands as a way of minimizing the spreading of infections.

Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner features:

Multi-purpose cleaner & degreaser Fresh perfume of oranges Neutral PH making it suitable to clean vinyl, tiles enamel, paintwork and other hard surfaces Removes ingrained dirt, heavy grease, and types of graffiti. Leaves the room smelling fresh Removes body fat in washrooms and bathrooms. Suitable for cleaning all surfaces. All natural cleaning products. Affordable

Ingredients of Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner

Hydrochloric acid Chlorine beach Citric acid Sodium lauryl sulfate Orange perfume.

Tools you need to clean hard surfaces:

Broom Scrubbing brush Rubber gloves Spray bottle. Mop and mop bucket

How to clean using Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner

1. Sweep/vacuum. When you sweep or vacuum your floors, you may use a microfiber cloth to clear all the debris in the area you are cleaning.

2. Clean the mop. Rinse the mop before starting the chore to ensure it was cleaned after the last session. You do not want to use a soiled mop as it will transfer the odor to the floors.

3. Fill the bucket with warm water and ensure it does not pass the wringer.

4. Follow the Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner instructions and mix the correct amount with the water depending on the level of dirt you are dealing with.

5. Dip your mop in water and mop the surface leaving it a little bit wet.

6. Spot the areas that have stubborn dirt and scrub using the brush. The Apeel Hard Surface cleaner will have to loosen the dirt so you won’t use so much energy when scrubbing.

7. Wring out the mop and clean the room. Use clean water to rinse the surface and let it air dry.

8. Repeat the process until you get your desired results.

When wiping surfaces:

Spray Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner on your surface. Use a spray bottle. Let the solution soak on the surface for a few minutes to loosen the dirt. Scrub the surface using a brush or a green pad. Wipe with a clean microfiber piece of cloth

Machine cleaning:

Use a broom to sweep the floor to remove large debris and soil particles. Spot areas that have stubborn stains and pre-soak using Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner. Scrub using a brush until the dirt is completely loosed from the floor. Continue cleaning the floor using your routine.

How Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner works

Apeel Hard Cleaner has compounds such as surfactants, alkaline builders and sequestering agents which make it aqueous in nature. The rust inbuilt property not only protects your surfaces such as sinks but also kind to your hands. The hydrophobic molecules attract oil and dirt that in your surfaces then dislodge them hence forming a dirt solution. Apeel Hard Cleaner also has anti-ozone agents that protects your outdoor areas after cleaning and creates a layer that protects the surface from harmful rays of the sun.

Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner is not only used to clean floors but also other surfaces such as


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