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Amtico Dressing / Amtico Polish

  • Amtico Dressing /  Amtico Polish


Date : July 28, 2017

Amtico Dressing / Amtico Polish


High quality amtico sealant – satin finish. Resistent to high traffic. Suitable for commercial use as well.

1 litres

5 litres


How to use Amtico Dresser:

– strip off all the existing polish or wax.

– deep clean the floor with a neutral floor cleaner (Amtico Maintainer)

– apply 1 thin coat of Amtico Dresser and wait about 1 to 2 hours

– apply another thin coat of Amtico Dresser and wait to dry

– two coats should do it but for old porous floors you might have to apply a third coat

– job done. Clean your floor regular with a flat mop and a microfiber pad and Amtico Maintainer.


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Amtico Dressing / Amtico Polish




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