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Aluminium Interchange Handle

  • Aluminium Interchange Handle


Date : August 21, 2016

Aluminium Interchange Handle

Aluminium Interchange Handle – One Handle For All Your Cleaning Tools

When it comes to sparkle and shine, most of us will do anything to have an ultimate clean home. From cleaning solutions to tools, we all want something that does the task with utmost perfection. Cleaning is a revolutionary task, yet the result should satisfy the cleaner. We all need mops, brushes, or brooms when cleaning. However, sometimes the handles can prove to be unreliable and not so smooth. Sometimes the handles break, and you have to buy the whole equipment again.

Today mop handles should not be a hindrance to a thorough scrub-up. Interchange handles make work easier. They can fit with almost any socket head available in your house. You only have to buy the mop heads and fix the interchange handle to your new mop. When you need to change: like from a wet mop to dry mop all you have to do is slide a mop head off and on. Nothing more is required.

The Good

Interchange handles are handles that can fit with almost any mop head socket. The handle can also fit with brooms and squeegees.

The interchange handles are developed to reduce and save on storage space since one handle fits all.

The heavy duty construction mode of the handle ensures that they have an extremely long life and that they do not rot during their lifetime.

The interchange handles come with color coded grips at the top and sockets at the bottom. The color code can match up the one in your mop head giving your mop an incredible outlook.

They come in a range of colour for you to choose. If you are a color themed person, and you love to see you cleaning pieces of equipment blending, you might need to consider buying these handles. You can choose from blue, green, or yellow depending on your preferences.

Aluminium Interchange Handle


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