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Sofa Cleaning

Affordable Sofa Cleaning Services

  • Affordable Sofa Cleaning Services


Date : May 1, 2018

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Your sofa is intended to add life and taste to the interior space. It’s the most eye-catching and used piece of furniture in your living room. The state of the set affects everything else, from the cabinets and flooring, to the four walls that it has been set between. However, the dirt and grime that it builds up can transform your elegant sofa from a daily inspiration to a source of frustration. The stains from food and drink spills cause discolourations that damage the decor, and take away your mind’s peace. Those odours emanating from the shed skin cells, body sweat, and pet fur and dander embarrass you in front of your neighbours and relatives at home, and the customers in your business premises. Your employees get dejected as they are unable to relax comfortably in their lounge, which affects their productivity. At a personal level, you are unable to focus on your duties at home or at the workplace, since the stains keep popping up at the corner of your eye, and registering in your mind as unfinished work. The resultant mental commotion prevents you from delivering your best, affecting your quality of life. Things don’t have to be this way. Simply call in the sofa cleaning specialists to take care of the very source of the problem.

Affordable Sofa Cleaning Services

Those skin cells being shed are fodder for dust mites. The mites have taken their full, and leave behind droppings. This faecal residue can get inhaled, or into contact with the skin. It contains proteins that trigger the bodies of sensitive individuals to produce antibodies, which in turn release histamine. The result is swelling and skin reddening, that’s commonly associated with allergies. There are also other allergens in the sofa such as dust and pet dander. In fact, simply resting on some sections of the sofa can cause a more severe reaction than rubbing your face in your pet’s fur. The health risks don’t stop there. You can get infected by the droves of bacteria thriving on the furniture. They come from all sorts of places- items like game consoles and remotes which are handled by everyone and get dropped onto the cushions, handbags that were with you throughout the day, in your office building, restroom at work, or club at night, all through to the microbes feeding on the food crumbs in the furniture. In addition, there could be viruses, especially if someone using the sofa was ill, which can lead to the disease spreading rapidly. In cases where there was too much moisture content in the furniture, like the common mistake done during DIY and rookie sofa cleaning, fungi can develop. These produce spores and mycotoxins, further putting the health of the persons using the sofa in jeopardy. You can reverse the situation by hiring our professional sofa cleaning team.

Affordable Sofa Cleaning Services – Why You Should Turn To The Sofa Cleaning Professionals

1. Top of the range sofa cleaning machinery Our sofa cleaning machines and solutions remove those stubborn stains, droppings from insects, rodents and dust mites, plus the deeply ingrained dirt from your sofa, those body fats and oils rubbed onto the surface, food and beverage spills that caused set-in stains, and even clean-up the urine accident that your cat or dog caused on the cushions. Tough acting cleaning solutions break down those stains and the thorough scrub given to the furniture removes the soiling to revitalise the set. The sofa cleaning processes make the furniture both safe and comfortable to use, with enhancing the elegance of the interior d̩cor being a welcome bonus.

2. We’ll clean your leather and fabric sofas Our sofa cleaning team will use procedures that have been specially developed to be used on your particular kind of sofa, be it silk, linen, wool, acrylic or even acetate fabrics, or the nubuck, aniline, semi aniline and pigmented leather sofas. They will get rid of the greases and stains from chips, sauces, fruits, etc., without damaging the underlying fibres of the material. In fact, the leather can be additionally conditioned in order to extend its life by replenishing the protective agents lost over time.

3. Take away the strain Spending an entire day working on the dirt and grime on the sofa is not how you picture your weekends or day-off from work. In addition to the huge amount of time taken without the necessary resources, there’s the risk of damaging your set. Prevent that from happening by turning to our sofa cleaning team. The quick 1-hour drying time also allows you to get things back in order in your establishment fast, and prevents fungal growth.

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Affordable Sofa Cleaning Services


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