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Acidic Toilet Cleaner

  • Acidic Toilet Cleaner


Date : June 5, 2016

Acidic Toilet Cleaner

If you have a badly stained brown or yellow toilet and you have tried many other cleaning products without any success, well, it is the time to use professional cleaning products from Here is a list of products we highly recommend:

Evans Toilet Cleaner & Descaler this product is very strong and it gets rid of most heavy staining and lime build ups. It will remove any dirt with ease. Flush the toilet and while the toilet is still wet apply Evans Toilet Cleaner and Descaler generously. Allow 10 minutes to work and then scrub it with a toilet brush. Flush the toilet and you are done. If this has not worked you will need a stronger product, Evans G.A.C Acid Cleaner.

Acidic Toilet Cleaner

Evans G.A.C Acid Cleaner this cleaning product was designed for external brick cleaning but it works miracles in the toilets. Flush the toilet and apply Evans G.A.C Acid Cleaner all over the toilet. Allow 10 minutes to work and scrub it hard. Any dirt will be removed 100%. Evans G.A.C Acid Cleaner is a very toxic cleaning product. It burns, it smells and it stains. To be used inside the toilet only and not to be mixed with any other cleaning product. Do not use hot water with Evans G.A.C Acid Cleaner because in combination with the steam it creates highly toxic fumes. Use in a well ventilated area with protective clothing and equipment.

***A highly corrosive product – do not handle this product with bare hands. It will cause severe burns***

For more information regarding these products please contact us.

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Acidic Toilet Cleaner



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