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  • 40G Stainless Steel Scourers


Type : Sell
Date : November 7, 2019
Condition : New
Warranty : No
Location : Ashleigh House, JFK Rd, Dublin 12

40G Stainless Steel Scourers


-highly efficient stainless steel scourers

-made from 40 gram stainless steel metal

-suitable for commercial and domestic

-available in packs of 10 or boxes of 100

-made fro rust free steel components


40gm Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball Review


You want your cleaning process to be a breeze. Tackling mounds of dishes can be exasperating, especially when there are pots and pans that have dried-on grease and food particles on them. Those burnt grease and scorch marks on the bottom of cookware are unsightly, and they reduce the efficacy of the items. When the heat distribution is affected, your meals won’t come out as lovely as you desire. Then there’s the issue of you investing in utensils that are magnificent, only for them to build up grime which ruins their appeal. Scrubbing away at the layers of baked-on food can put you on edge. No one likes spending hours on the sink. You don’t have to. Simply get a quality product that will cut through the dirt and grime with ease. That’s right up the alley of the 40gm Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball.


The best part about cooking is that you end up with a delicious homemade-meal. The worst part is you’ve got to deal with the dishes. A few extra minutes of searing steak, or there was a knock at your front door and you went to answer it, only to rush back to burnt on food, makes you end up with a mess that needs a thorough clean. Scorched pans, blackened pans, caked-on food from those brownies you were preparing, or cheesy lasagna stuck to the walls of your cookware, can prove to be a tough nut to crack for your soap and sponge method. The 40gm Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball provides a different approach to scrubbing. In order to eliminate multiple ends, a single stainless steel wire strand is used to wind together scrubber balls. That means you won’t be dealing with sharp edges or splinters. It further enhances the efficacy with which the product works, targeting those tough kitchen cleaning jobs. That way you will easily get through the mountain of dishes piling up in your sink with minimal effort.


Benefits Of The 40gm Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball


1. Superior cleaning action


The 40gm Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball is designed to go where others won’t. It’s such a tough cleaning product that it works on surfaces where detergents simply were not up to the task, and even stubborn dirt that can’t be removed by spatula. This has made it a popular tool in home kitchens, commercial establishments like hotels and restaurants, all through to industries, where the 40gm Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball is used to clean the surfaces of machines.


2. Non-scratch


With the 40gm Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball, you get to clean your items and surfaces without worrying about them developing scratches. This comes in handy since you want to maintain the look and appeal of your appliances. As such, you can use the 40gm Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball on a wide range of items, from metal and porcelain, to the fragile marble and glass.


3. Soft on your hands


The 40gm Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball is tough on dirt, but gentle on you. You get to provide a thorough scrub without scouring away at your skin.


4. Built for tough


The nature of the 40gm Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball enables it to withstand the rigors of daily use. Its attributes, from non-sticking, to anti-rust, allow it to be used in different environments, from exposure to normal cleaning liquids, or hot water and detergents. Its structure doesn’t break easily, enabling you to get longer service life from the 40gm Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball.


5. Versatile


You can scour, scrub and clean numerous items with the 40gm Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball. It’s effective on pot, baking dishes, pans, all through to ovens and grills. It’s renowned for removing baked-on food from cookware.


6. Easy to maintain


You just have to rinse it after you’re done. Rinsing in hot or warm water, or soaking in a cleaning solution, will dissolve the grease and caked-on soiling on it. The fast drying time of the 40gm Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball prevents fungi like mildew from growing in it, or bacteria from forming breeding grounds. This also means that you won’t need to worry about odours forming.


7. Affordable


The 40gm Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball is budget friendly. You get a high quality product without denting your wallet. It gives you a high return in value for the purchase you make. In addition, the strength of the 40gm Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball allows it to last for long, enabling you to derive maximum use of it.


Stainless Steel Scourers



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