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17″ Floor Pads – Black , Green , White , Blue , Red

  • 17″  Floor Pads – Black , Green , White , Blue , Red


Date : December 14, 2017

17″ Floor Pads – Black , Green , White , Blue , Red – Need floor pads fast? Need more information about floor pads? 1850 840 111 (local)

17 Black Floor Pads

17 Blue Floor Pads

17 Red Floor Pads

17 Green Floor Pads

17 White Floor Pads

Some of the best floor pads ever invented. Very long lasting and very efficient. The 17 Black Floor Pads can be used with a slow rotating machine to scrub and remove polishes , waxes , sealants , etc. It is a scrubbing pad. One pad should last for weeks. The 17 Blue Floor Pads can be used for light scrubbing esspecial on marmoleum , amtico , rubber floors. Not as rough as the black pads. The 17 Red Floor Pads can be used for polishig polished floors like wood , marmoleum , amtico , vinyl, rubber floors, etc. It can be used with high speed buffers for better results. 17 White Floor Pads can be used for polishing natural stone floors like marble , terrazzo , travertine , concrete floors , ceramic and porcelain floors, etc. 17 Green Floor Pads can be used for scrubbing as well. It is somewhere between the black pad and the blue pad. Some type of floors will require a lighter scrubbing pad to avoid damages. The green floor pad is just the floor pad you need if you have to remove some heavy duty floor markings without damaging the floor.

17 Black Floor Pads x 5 – scrubbing

17 Green Floor Pads x 5 – lighter scrubbing

17 Blue Floor Pads x 5 – even lighter scrubbing

17 White Floor Pads x 5 – natural stone polishing

17 Red Floor Pads x 5 – universal floor polishers

Our flooring specialists have years of experience in the floor cleaning industry. There are many types and colours of floor pads but those 5 listed above are the most commune ones. If you require more information or if you are unsure about how to use any type of floor pads please contact on 014440146 and our specialists will advise you for free.

Need floor pads fast? Contact and you will get it next day.


17″ Floor Pads – Black , Green , White , Blue , Red


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