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12″ Deck Scrub Red

  • 12″ Deck Scrub Red


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Date : August 5, 2016
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Location : Dublin, Ireland

12 Deck Scrub Red Review

Your deck is under attack from all sorts of problems. First, there’s the dust settling onto it from the environment, and people tracking dirt onto it under their shoes. Then there’s the exposure to the elements -humidity, rain and the sun- which can make your charming decks look dingy and dirty just after a single season. There’s the oil and grease stains that form under your BBQ, and spills from beverages like coffee, soft drinks, beer and even red wine as you relax out on the deck. Don’t forget the unsightly watermarks that form when the deck has been wet, and it dries, which creates a shoreline effect. These water marks can be caused by dripping water, condensation or dirty water that got spilled onto the surface. Then there’s the mould and microbes forming their colonies all over your deck. If left to thrive, they will wear it down and it might need to be replaced. Such tough cleaning conditions require a tougher cleaning product. That’s why consumers around the world are turning to the 12 Deck Scrub Red.

It’s not just about decks. Even at home there are those tough stains and caked-on dirt and grease on the floor, which require thorough cleaning in order to get rid of them. The grout lines store layers of gunk, and you’ll need superior scrubbing power to clean them. Set-in stains on your concrete, wooden, linoleum or even vinyl floors need more than just a sponge. Crossing over to office blocks, retail stores, restaurants, malls, public venues etc., cleaning staff need to scrub thoroughly in order to ensure clean and hygienic surfaces. Even in industrial manufacturing and processing plants, a tough cleaning product is required to handle diverse needs, from heavy soiling to spilled chemicals. The 12 Deck Scrub Red is a solution that works across the scope.

Benefits Of The 12 Deck Scrub Red

1. Enhanced scrubbing power

That’s the main thing anyone in the market for a deck brush is looking for. You want the power to thoroughly clean off any dirt and grease on your surfaces. That’s exactly what the 12 Deck Scrub Red gives you.

2. Multipurpose

You can use the 12 Deck Scrub Red to scrub your deck and clean your floors and grout. It’s popular for both residential and commercial properties.

3. Wide Area coverage

The span of the 12 Deck Scrub Red makes you cover more surface with each swipe. This means that you can finish cleaning a wide floor expanse faster. It comes in handy when you’re working on large premises like business properties or public venues. Even at home, you want to clean your surfaces as quick as possible, in order to resume your other activities. If you’re a cleaning company or contractor, this has added bonus for you, since your clients will be pleased with your rapid result delivery.

4. Tough and Durable

The 12 Deck Scrub Red is designed to handle the heaviest of cleaning tasks. You can use it to scrub away the toughest dirt and stains at home or in industrial settings. You can use it with abrasive cleaners, as it can withstand the chemicals, especially when you need such cleaning solutions to tackle set-in stains. It’s also built to last. The tough fibres of the 12 Deck Scrub Red can withstand frequent cleaning sessions, whether you’re doing every-day clean-ups or weekly deep cleaning.

5. Easy to use

No one likes having to struggle assembling different parts of complicated cleaning equipment before every washing session. It wastes your time, and exasperates you even before you’ve started handling the grease and gunk. Having to train your cleaning staff each time you hire can be tedious. You don’t have to worry about that with the 12 Deck Scrub Red. Simply screw it to its fit handle and scrub away. It’s easy to assemble the 12 Deck Scrub Red and get started with your cleaning operations. No previous skills or professional training is required.

How To Use The 12 Deck Scrub Red

Scrub and rinse. It’s that simple. The procedure works on all surface types. The difference comes in when dealing with dealing with different floor types. For instance, the recommended cleaning solution for wooden surfaces may be different to marble surfaces, and so on.

To clean your surfaces, follow these steps:

1. Sweep or vacuum the floor to get rid of dust and loose debris. For decks, use a blower to get rid of the leaves that have settled on it. Or you can sweep them away, depending on the most convenient method for you. This is to reduce your workload, leaving only the tough spots for the 12 Deck Scrub Red.

2. Apply the cleaning solution on your floor. Use a commercial cleaner that is recommended for removing mildew and greying areas, and also set-in stains. Your application technique depends on the specific cleaning product. Some you’ll spray, others are poured onto the surfaces, and there are those that will need to be diluted first before use. Follow the instructions on the product label when preparing the cleaning solution.

3. Attach the 12 Deck Scrub Red to its handle and thoroughly scrub the surface. When scrubbing, follow the requirements of the specific type of surface. For instance, if you’re working on a wooden deck, scrub in the direction of the grain


12″ Interchange Deck Scrub


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