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A Look At The Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser

A Look At The Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser

A Look At The Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser

Soap dispensers are synonymous with restrooms, especially in high traffic facilities like offices, schools, gyms and airports. By now, the routine is similar to most people, as they are expected to go to the sink, and wash their hands. The recent spread of outbreaks like COVID 19 has seen a more widespread use of the soap dispensers, even being set up in parks, the reception area of offices, along open spaces of retail stores and malls—where they dispense alcohol hand sanitisers for a quick clean to kill the pathogens that may be on the person’s skin. Liquid soap dispensers have been in use for decades, after numerous studies highlighted the contamination that is witnessed on bar soaps. Are you looking for unit for your establishment? This review will focus on the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser and the benefits that it brings to you.

With the soap dispensers, you don’t have to worry about cross contamination. Yes, you’ll have to touch them to remove the soap, but the hands are washed after the soap has been dispensed, which removes any risk from dirty hands that touched the dispensers. The manual units have the added advantage of always being operational. Unlike the battery-operated models, which will cease functioning immediately the batteries run out, with the manual units one does not have to keep checking on them. Given that the dispensers are being used around the clock, the manual units save on the costs that would have been incurred with the battery-operated models, while ensuring that the persons on the premises are always able to get their hands clean. When getting a dispenser your establishment, be keen on the quality of the material, and its construction. Here, you want a unit that is sturdy to enable it to last for long. With the functionality, you want a dispenser that is easy to use, and with a design that also complements your premises. The Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser is one of the popular range of products from the brand. Here’s what makes it tick:

Features Of The Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser

Different factors are considered when looking for the appropriate soap dispenser for your facility. Take capacity for instance. This is a core attribute, that determines how much product can be loaded onto the unit at a time. The larger the capacity, the fewer the times that it will need to be refilled. This is especially vital for those with large families, and commercial establishments where there is high foot traffic, and you don’t want your janitorial staff to keep being forced to refill the dispensers every other hour. With the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser, you get to institute a convenient handwashing program in your facility. It has a 1000ml bulk fill, that ensures you get the most out of each handwashing soap that had been housed in it.

On the other hand, you also don’t want a case where the users are wasting soap. Here, the functionality of the pump comes into play. How much soap is dispensed out with each pump? These “doses” are key in preventing persons on the facility from using way more soap than is required and driving up your expenses. The quality disc pump of the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser dispenses 2ml of product per pump. This prevents wastage of the product, cutting down on the amount of expenses that go into the establishment’s janitorial supplies. 

You can use the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser with all standard liquids and antibacterial soaps. It also works with alcohol hand sanitisers, with a maximum alcohol content of 70%. As such, whether you want to set it up next to the bathroom sink for people to wash their hands after using the facilities, or right at the front door of your office building where you want a sanitizer for people accessing the premises to use on their hands, it will be up to the task.  

Aesthetics also come into focus.  A dispenser that brightens up your bathroom will come in handy.  Having an elegant soap dispenser actually encourages proper hand hygiene in the facility. You also won’t have to worry about this ruining your style. The Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser has a stylish design, and will actually encourage the persons on the premises to tend to their hands, enhancing the health and hygiene standards of the establishment. 

Then there is the cost aspect. Here, the high quality ABS construction of the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser provides you with extended usage, so you won’t have to be concerned about being forced to make replacements. Being a refillable unit with a bulk fill capacity, you get to buy the handsoaps in bulk and top up the dispenser. This is more cost effective compared to using cartridges, where you would have to wait for all the soap to be used up before you can change it.  The maintenance process is also easy. Simply clean the dispenser with a mild detergent solution and a cloth. This will suffice in keeping the unit in optimal condition. 

Setting Up The Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser In Your Facility

The process of mounting the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser depends on the kind of wall it is being set up on.:

  • With brick walls, go ahead and drill into the structure, and fix the dispenser onto the surface with wall plugs and screws.
  • For the dry walls, you can work with a batten. Fix the Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser onto the wall with screws, and also fix it to one or more battens to secure it into position.
  • In cases where you’re monitoring the dispenser on partitions, simply screw the unit directly into the target partition. 

After you pour the soap into the dispenser’s refillable container, close it—an action that will automatically lock the unit. The person in the facility can now go ahead and use it. 

A Look At The Dolphin Excel Bulk Fill White Soap Dispenser

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