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A Look At The 18g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers

A Look At The 18g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers

A Look At The 18g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers

Are you up to your elbows in grimy utensils? Are there oil residue messes on your range hoods, stainless steel cookware, and dishes? Frustrated by the food residue that has been scorched onto your elegant pot, taking away its appeal and putting its functionality at risk? These kinds of soiling can be difficult to get rid of. While chemical cleaning agents aid in weakening the grime- by reacting with the substance at a molecular level, mechanical scrubbing is needed. That’s where scourers come in. These products are designed to be highly abrasive, in order to provide a thorough scrub. The choice of the product used is based on the particular situation. This includes aspects such the material of the appliance being worked on- is it delicate or can it handle abrasive tools? Are you cleaning stainless steel products? Speaking of which, using steel wool on stainless steel surfaces often leads to the development of rust marks. This is because of the oxidation that occurs on the item, due to those tiny bits of carbon steel left behind after the cleaning. Rust spots on your cookware is a problem. Then there is the durability of the product in question. You don’t want a situation where fragments of metal remain on the dishes. Scourers breaking down in the cleaning process due to the vigorous scrubbing that is carried out- especially for the case of loosely woven scourers, can lead to fragments remaining behind. These can end up finding their way into the food, hence the need for a thorough rinsing after the cleaning process. What of the costs? Certainly, you don’t want a situation where your kitchen cleaning costs are running high, taking your establishment’s maintenance costs through the roof. On the other hand, you don’t want cheap products where the quality of the unit is compromised, putting the effectiveness of the cleaning process on the line. You want a balance of quality and value. You get that with the 18g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers. Here is a look at what it offers you:


  • Getting rid of baked on food


This is part and parcel of cooking. We’ve all been there at one point or another. Preparing a meal and forgetting the pot on the stove, or simply turning the heat up too high, and suddenly there is a layer of crud that is burnt onto the surface. Perhaps you had simply walked away for a couple of minutes and returned to the kitchen to find a charred food that is stuck to the bottom of the cooking appliances. Distractions- especially when you have toddlers around, the hectic nature of commercial kitchens- they all contribute to the situation. The mess on the pots and pans can be frustrating. The 18g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers come it to get rid of it. That way the elegance is restored to your cooking sets, and you get to preserve their functionality.


  • Heavy duty cleaning


Stubborn stains, grease residue that clings to the dishes and cookware, maintenance equipment that require a thorough scrub- the 18g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers will be up to the task. The abrasive cleaning action provided by this unit allows you to get rid of the gunk easily. For those really tough situations, you can twist two scourers together and proceed with the task. Note that these scourers should not be used for non-stick pans and delicate items. 


  • Protected from rusting


With all the water involved- and the readily available oxygen, you don’t want your scrubbing units getting corroded. With the 18g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers, you won’t have to worry about that. They are rust resistant, having been made from stainless steel. This also means that the cooking utensils being worked on will not be contaminated with rust. After the cleaning, wash the scourers and allow them to air dry. 


  • Cost-effective


The 18g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers go easy on your kitchen cleaning budget. They have an affordable price, and each pack contains 20 of the units. You can choose to get a case- especially for the commercial kitchens where you need a large supply. A case contains 5 of the 20 scourer packs, thus enabling you to acquire them in bulk. Since they will not rust, and have been specially developed for the heavy duty cleaning tasks, you get extended usage out of each product, bringing you more savings in the long run. 


A Look At The 18g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers

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