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25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer For Fast Mopping

25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer For Fast Mopping

25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer For Fast Mopping

Mopping- that chore carried out on a frequent basis- even multiple times a day for the high traffic establishments like shopping complexes, restaurants and office buildings, can get hectic. Without the proper tools for the task, the janitorial staff can end up taking hours on each round of mopping, which would also affect the traffic flow of the customers and employees in your building. Do you run a cleaning company? Here, you’re dealing with different clients-in both residential and commercial establishments, and they all expect you to deliver quality services.  This is not just about the results that are achieved after mopping the floor, but it also includes the amount of time you spend on the task. You don’t want your client’s being inconvenienced for long, with their activities grinding to a halt because of the extended duration that the mopping is taking. The effectiveness of the process is tied to the kind of equipment that you are using to carry it out. One of these is the mop bucket. For these heavy cleaning tasks, a simple pail and mop system just won’t cut it. It will be an impediment to your service delivery, and strain the staff carrying out the cleaning as well. You want a mopping system that has been designed to enhance your speed, without compromising on the results of the process. The 25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer has become highly popular for this. Here is a review on what this system gives you:

Benefits Of The 25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer


  • Quick mopping action


While the wringer enables you to remove the excess water from the mop that you’re using, additional functionality with the gear press gives you more control over the process. Simply use the handle, forcing more water out of the mop- and you will be in a position to control just how much gets pushed out. The set up also requires less pressure to be used. This unit is suitable when working on the small to medium size areas, and allows you to get the task done in moments. With greater control over the mopping system, you are able to minimise disruption to the workplace. 


  • Enhanced manoeuvrability


You get to move around easily with the 25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer. The casters give your flexibility, as you can roll the bucket wherever you need it to be, instead of lifting and carrying it. That way you won’t strain your back, and expend loads of energy lugging it from one room to another.  The casters are built for tough and are secure, hence you don’t have to worry about them breaking or falling off in the middle of the cleaning. What’s more, with the caster wheels of the 25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer, transportation becomes less of a messy process. This is different compared to when you carry a bucket by hand, which is usually occasioned by spills and drips. These scenarios are avoided with this unit, thus making it a more convenient approach to the mopping. 


  • Safety precautions


With the 25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer, you are able to take more safety precautions to prevent slip and fall accidents. The sides of the bucket have a “Caution Wet Floor” sign printed on them, notifying persons in the building that there is mopping being carried out, for them to take extra care when walking on the affected sections. The wringing action also aids in this, preventing the floor surface from being soaked in water. Overly saturated floors are a hazard, and there are also those cases where the structure of the installation is actually at risk when too much water is used- like with the hardwood floors. Simply wring out the excess water and proceed with the mopping. 


  • Available in different colours


Sure, they look good, but there is more to it. The different colours of the 25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer- blue, green, red and yellow, mean that you can make them part of your colour coded cleaning scheme. As such, you get to maintain high standards during the mopping tasks, where cross contamination is avoided.


  • Budget friendly


The 25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer has been competitively priced. You are able to acquire the units you need for your establishment without putting a strain on your building’s maintenance budget. 

25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer For Fast Mopping

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