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15Ltr Standard Mop Bucket Review

15Ltr Standard Mop Bucket Review

15Ltr Standard Mop Bucket Review

When purchasing mop buckets for the janitorial staff of your establishment, or for the professional cleaning crew- for those contractors who specialise in providing the cleaning services to residential and commercial establishments, there are different factors to consider. Take colour for instance. The mop buckets come in different sorts of colours. As you go about the mopping process when other customers and employees are up and about, you want to do deal with a bold and noticeable colour. This is to ensure that it is quickly noticed by people who are walking around, who will then realise that the mopping is being carried out, and take more care when walking on the wet floor. The colours also come in handy when working with a colour coded cleaning system. Here, the building is divided into different zones based on the level of risk- with sections like the washrooms being deemed to have the greatest risk of contamination, and the general areas like the reception and lounges falling on the other side of the spectrum. Here, unique colours are designated to these areas, to ensure that the cleaning equipment that is used on them does not get mixed up.

The wringer also comes into play. This feature allows the clearers to wring out the excess and dirty water out of the mop. This is key for the mopping to be carried out effectively. For starters, it prevents the floor from getting drenched in water. This avoids the risks of slip and fall accidents. In some cases, such as when dealing with hardwood floors, soaking the surface with water is actually a threat to its structural integrity, hence the need to ensure that the mop being used has been properly wrung out. When it comes to the material of the bucket, emphasis here is on getting a unit that can withstand the different chemical formulations that will be used for the cleaning. After all, there will be cases where powerful products will be required, especially when dealing with those heavy dirt build-ups and stubborn stains. You won’t want to be worried about issues such as the bucket getting corroded. With the 15Ltr Standard Mop Bucket, you get a unit that has been designed to deliver on its mandate.

Making the mopping process a breeze

The 15Ltr Standard Mop Bucket comes with a raised cone wringer, whose large size makes it compatible with a wide range of mops. You can use it with socket mops, RHP units, the Optima 200-300g and also the white mops. After soaking the mop in the cleaning solution, simply use this wringer to squeeze out the excess liquids from it, and proceed to work on the rest of the floor. Each of the 15Ltr Standard Mop Bucket are individually barcoded. 

With the 15Ltr Standard Mop Buckets coming in 5 colours, you can easily incorporate them into the colour coded cleaning system of your premises. Here, equipment of a specific colour, from the mops and brushes, to the brooms, dustpans and the mop bucket itself, gets designated to a particular area. This prevents situations where the same equipment gets used in the washroom and living area or kitchen. That way, you get to maintain high hygiene standards with the cleaning operations. 

The 15Ltr Standard Mop Bucket can hold plenty of cleaning solution. This is especially ideal for those high traffic establishments, where dirt builds up at a faster rate, and there are more messes that need to be cleaned up.  When you have a large surface area to cover you want a bucket that can hold enough soapy water to dilute more of the dirt that is being picked up by the mop, in order to reduce the number of times that you will need to change out the water. That way you won’t find yourself keeping on travelling to and from the water source to pour out the contents. This aids in speeding up the cleaning process.  What’s more, the 15Ltr Standard Mop Bucket has been designed with a pouring lip, to aid in directing the liquid contents as they get poured out of it. This is particularly beneficial for reducing the chances of spilling the contents to the surrounding surfaces and making a mess. 

15Ltr Standard Mop Bucket Review

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