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12″ Deck Scrub Red

12″ Deck Scrub Red

12″ Deck Scrub Red


-high quality 12″ deck scrub brush

-made from very durable materials

-it is suitable for cleaning deckings

-suitable for scrubbing tiled floors

-it is fitted with interchange handle

-it is chemical and heat resistent


12″ Deck Scrub Red – Where to use

Even if the 12″ Deck Scrub was made for scrubbing deckings, it can be used for many other types of scrubbing jobs. The 12″ Deck Scrub it is the ideal tile & grout brush. It will fit in narrow corners and around the edges. Its stiff plastic brush it is ideal for scrubbing heavy duty dirt build ups. It will fit perfect between the decking gaps and it will leave the surface spptless in one easy go. The 12″ Deck Scrub is the brush that shouldn`t miss from a cleaning company van. Thr brush is chemical and heat resistent.


12″ Deck Scrub Red – How to use it

You can use the 12″ Deck Scrub Brush on dry or wet surfaces. If you are planning to deep clean grout or tiles, it is highly recommended that you soak the whole floor with an acidic floor cleaner before scrubbing. You can scrub a deck on dry or wet. Some surfaces can be too sensitive for this deck scrub so you should do a little test in a corner before scrubbing the whole surface. Clean the deck scrub after you have use it to avoid chemical reactions on your next job.


12″ Deck Scrub Red – Professional results for less!